10 GENIUS Life Hacks for Moving

Potential Buyers coming over? Quick….

You have to check out these brilliant life hacks that you could quickly and easily  incorporate into your own home! In no time at all, your place will be ready to knock those socks off anyone that comes to check it out!

#1. Remove Pet Hair from your Carpet

Pet Hair and trying to sell your home don’t always go hand-in-hand. Here’s an easy way to get the pet out without actually getting the pet…. out.


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Moving 101

#2. Get Scratches out of Wood Floors before you Move

Scratched floors are a part of life, however, they aren’t always a buyer’s best friend.


#3. Remove Water Stains from Wood Surfaces

The buyers aren’t usually buying your furniture, but heck… it’s always good to show the whole house package at its best. Here’s a practical and easy way to get those water rings out of the furniture so everything is sparkling.


#4. Get rid of those Gross water stains in your bathroom

Speaking of sparkling… let’s chat about how we are going to make that bathroom sparkle and shine. Goodbye water residue, hello fresh, sparkling faucet.


#5. Erase your child’s precious Masterpiece on the basement door

Are you still mad about the number your little guy did on the basement door with his crayon set? Eek, we won’t get into details, we’re here to provide you with a simple way for you to wipe that surface clean. Out of sight, out of mind… forever!


Just moved in to a new place? These are pure GENIUS…

A new place probably means a new mortgage, new neighbors, and a new address to memorize. But it ALSO means fun stuff like new decorations, new paint colors, and new sense of style. These life hacks will make the transition a whole heck of a lot easier… we promise!

#1. Safety First

Because no one needs to start fresh in a new place with an entourage of curse words and an army of throbbing bruises. No thank you…


#2. Give a whole new meaning to “tape measure”

Who needs an actual tape measure when you have tape to measure?


#3. Take Precise Notes

But hey… if you do have an actual tape measure, let’s make it worth it, right?!


#4. Dress rehearsal is always a good thing

Use old wrapping paper or Sunday’s newspaper to make sure your new gallery wall is on trend and exactly what you first envisioned.


#5. Cut down on clean up time

Money saver, time saver… Need we say much more?



Using what you already have around the house can make your move IN or your move OUT much more enjoyable thanks to these brilliant Life Hacks for the Mover. A huge thank you to Lowe’s and their insanely creative Vine Account & for the endless supply of inspiring tips and tricks for home improvement. If you guys haven’t checked out Lowe’s VINE account, you totally have to! These are just a sampler for the BUFFET of home decor hacks they have to share. Thanks to them, we will Never Stop Improving. (<– Lowe’s Fans, see what I did there?)


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