2014 Celebrity Real Estate Moves That You Won’t Believe!

You thought your neighbors were watching you as you packed up and left town? Hmm… these celebrities would probably beg to differ! Their shocking real estate moves this past year have more than just their neighbors taking notice. Allow us to fill you in on some of the most surprising celebrity real estate news of 2014.

Justin Bieber

Photo Credit: Forbes.com

Justin Bieber is a renter? 

Yup! Justin Bieber is currently forking over nearly $60,000 a MONTH for a place in Beverly Hills. I bet your rent bill isn’t looking so bad after all, huh? The best part is that $60,000 price pricetag didn’t seem to buy him any extra love among his neighbors. Reportedly Justin Bieber’s new neighbors weren’t happy with Justin’s “late night partying ways”, which caused some tension on the block. Allegedly, Justin Bieber got so fed up with these neighbors that he egged their house, got charged with vandalism, and eventually had to dish over an extra $80k to clean up the mess.
Photo Credit: People.com

Love thy Neighbor

The famous couple Gweneth Paltrow & Chris Martin made news this year when they announced they were officially “uncoupling”. Questions swirled around this uncommon term of separation and what exactly this meant for the pair. And more importantly, what exactly are the living arrangements of an “uncoupled” couple? Well, it turns out that for the former Mr. & Mrs. Martin the “uncoupled” living arrangements have made these two celebrities next door neighbors. Martin rented the home next door to the couple’s mansion.

Ellen DeGeneres
Photo Credit: Curbed LA
Real Estate Regret? 
The hilarious & charismatic TV host, Ellen DeGeneres, may have had a classic case of Real Estate Regret this year. No, not because she regretted buying a new home, but more so she regretted selling her previous home in 2007. This case of Real Estate Regret was so strong that Ellen bought BACK her previously owned home. Ironically, she bought the place from the same owners she sold it to about 7 years ago!
reese witherspoon nashville Photo Credit: Zillow.com
Celebrities “flip” houses too?
Yes, apparently they do! And not just the celebrity duo behind the popular HGTV show, Property Brothers. Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick put their flipped house in NYC on the market again to try and sell it. No word on a SOLD sign just yet. Meanwhile, the talented southern belle, Reese Witherspoon, purchased a “fixer-upper” mansion in her hometown of Nashville, TN.
 Kim Kardashian Khloe Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian
Photo by Omar Vega/Invision/AP via NY Post
Kardashians are still making moves in 2014
Khloe and Lamar Odom split up and sold their mansion to fellow celebrity Kaley Cuoco & Tennis Pro Ryan Sweeting at the very beginning of 2014. Kourtney & Scott Disik temporarily moved out of their California pad after finding a black mold infestation. The pair, who were expecting their third child at the time, took their family to a hotel while the problem was taken care of. Kim and Kayne West got married and purchased/renovated a home in the Hidden Hills. The new property is complete with not one but TWO vineyards. Cheers to a busy year for these ladies!
Mark Zuckerberg
 Photo Credit: CNBC
Is Facebook taking a vacation?
Maybe not, but it’s founder Mark Zuckerberg could be! He recently purchased 700 acres of secluded beachfront property in Hawaii!
LeBron JamesPhoto Credit: Zillow.com

Job Transfers lead to relocations, even for biggest celebrities!

It’s no secret that LeBron James transferred from the Miami Heat back to his hometown of Cleveland, OH to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014. Although hearts were broken across Miami, potential buyers in the market for a luxurious, waterfront mansion weren’t as crushed. This job transfer led King James to put his Miami castle (or mansion) on the market.

Just a few years after Oprah retired from the famous Oprah show, which was taped out of Chicago, she launched her OWN network based out of California. The job transfer led Oprah to put her custom Chicago unit in the iconic Water Tower Place on the market. So long Windy City, hello Golden State!

With these surprising celebrity real estate moves in 2014, we really cannot anticipate what 2015 has in store for this luxurious housing market! All we know is that we will act like those lurking neighbors peeking through the blinds in order to bring you the most surprising celebrity real estate news of 2015.


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