5 Ways to Turn Your Wifi Password into Art


We both love to entertain, and that means we’re constantly having guests in and out of our homes. We have a list of things we like to do to make people feel welcome in our homes – fresh flowers, water in the guest room, clean towels, etc. – but there’s one thing we’ve done that really takes our “guest services” to the next level.

What’s that? We display our home wifi password so guests don’t have to awkwardly ask you to find a 26 digit code that’s on a scrap piece of paper in some drawer. This little trick saves us time, and it certainly makes anyone who comes into our space feel a bit more at home.

Three years ago, we showed you guys how to create your own wifi art on a canvas. But if you’re not crafty or into DIY, we found five easy ways you can do this in your home…without even visiting the craft store.

1. A chic (and free!) option


Photo via Elegance and Enchantment

If you have a printer, then you’re on the right track to incorporate this cool art into your home. Download a free print from the blog Elegance and Enchantment right here, then simply add your own wifi password right on the bottom. Print that sucker out, frame it and add it to your guest room!

2. For when your Password Changes Oftenetsy-wifi-art

Photo via Etsy

Check out this awesome print from Etsy. It’s only $5, and once you buy it you can automatically download it for printing. Once you frame it, you can easily write your wifi password right onto the glass of the frame with a marker, making this a pretty version of a dry-erase board. This is a great option if you’re constantly changing that password of yours!

3. If you like “girly and glam”


Photo via Etsy

This Etsy shop offers this adorable print for $5. Plus, they’ll even add your network and password onto the print before you download. A great customized option that you can easily frame for your space! Sweet.

4. If you really want to change it up


Now this one isn’t specific for wifi passwords, but we think it also works great for displaying them. We both have these Letterfolk boards and use them to show off quotes and messages in our homes. We love the idea of adding your internet information on here and putting this in your guest room for easy access. A piece of home decor that is fashionable and functional?! Doesn’t get much better than that.

5.  And If you’re really techy


Photo via Etsy

Now this is a fun way to display your wifi information….with a QR code! This Etsy store will take your wifi information and generate a QR code, then they’ll ship the print directly to your home! Guests simply scan the code, then they automatically have all the information they need to access the internet.

So there you have it! Five different ways to showcase your wifi information in your home. You’re well on your way to becoming the hostess with the mostess in our modern world!


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