The 6 Things to Do with Leftover Halloween Candy


Halloween has come and gone, but we’re guessing there may still be some Halloween candy lingering in your household. Your child may have brought back way too many goodies from their trick-or-treating run, or perhaps you simply overbought and weren’t able to fill as many trick-or-treaters’ bags as you anticipated. Either way … you’re probably stuck with a lot of leftover Halloween Candy.

Instead of indulging on stale candy for the next year, we suggest trying one of these six options to help make the most of your sweet stash!

Freeze It candy-cane-milk-shake-8_q8mo05

Image via sheknows

Sort through your candy and find all of the chocolate. Then put it all in a ziplock bag for the freezer! You can now add these goodies to milkshakes throughout the year (this Reese’s shake looks delicious!) Or heck, simply savor a piece every night. Since it’s frozen, you’ll be less likely to overindulge.

Send it Overseas


Operation Shoebox gladly accepts candy to send to our troops. Individually wrapped candies are best, but either way, you can check out this page for more information on how to donate your goodies.

Donate it to local businesses (it’s easy)


There are ways to donate your candy locally too. Some nursing homes, food pantries, and children’s hospitals accept leftover Halloween candy. You can also visit to find a place near you where they’ll take leftover candy donations.

Look up a recipe, make a yummy treattwix-caramel-popcorn

Image via Two Peas and Their Pod

This Twix caramel popcorn looks absolutely amazing and could be a great dessert after Thanksgiving dinner. Using your candy for other recipes is a great way to spice up your holiday baking this year. Candy is fun, so get creative!

Save it for your Gingerbread house


Another way to repurpose your Halloween candy as we get into the holidays is to save some of it to decorate a gingerbread house. Instead of buying new candy when it’s time to decorate, you’ll already have lots on hand and ready to go!

Bring it to the Office


And if you really want your leftover Halloween candy to disappear, simply bring it to the office, or wherever you work. It will magically be gone within a few hours and your co-workers will appreciate the sugar high.

See? There’s no excuse for your Halloween candy to sit in your pantry all year and get stale. Don’t just let it sit before you throw it away … post-Halloween candy is the best!


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