An Easy Trick to Never Forget the Name of Your Paint Shade

paint-organization-graphicWhen it comes to home decorating, we often find that the hardest decision happens right at the very beginning of the design process…which exact paint shade are we going to choose? Picking one specific color from hundreds of options can be incredibly overwhelming! And because this decision is such a tough one, we want to make sure that you never ever forget that PERFECT color you chose for your home’s walls.

i_heart_paint_organizationDIY Playbook came up with a super easy trick to always remember your home’s paint information. Let’s just say, once you complete this trick you’ll never again wonder which color of touch-up you’ll need to buy when it’s time to repaint or move around.


I recently painted my guest room in a dark and bold color called “Dutch Licorice” by Valspar. Because we just painted the space, the exact color name and info is top of mind, but I didn’t want to misplace it. So I hid it in plain sight.


I unscrewed the cover plate on the light switch in order to take advantage of some unused real estate.

paint-color-outlet-cover-4Then I grabbed a sharpie and got to work writing down all of the pertinent information about this room’s paint color.


I included the paint brand, the name of the color, the number of that color and the sheen. However, I don’t necessarily think that’s the only important information that can be noted. You can also include how many coats it took to cover the wall with this paint, what room this paint was used in, how much paint you have leftover after the project, and even where you are storing that extra paint. Heck…if you have a poor memory like me, there is no such thing as documenting too many details on the back of your cover plates.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than having to do a touch-up and not being able to remember anything at all about how you put the room together. That’s why I suggest doing this in every single room in your house so you have all of this essential information documented for the long haul. Oh and did I mention this is F-R-E-E?! DIY & home tricks don’t get much better than that.


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