An Easy Way to Label Paint for the Next Homeowner

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We’ve chatted about paint colors A LOT here on the HireAHelper blog. That’s because painting the walls is a task that most homeowners tackle when they get into their new space, so we believe the topic deserves a little TLC.

blue-paint-canIn the past, we gave you a trick so you always know what colors you have painted on the walls. But today, we’re taking it one step further to ensure that the next homeowners always know the paint colors used in the home.


It’s typical to leave any unused paint for the next owners, but most people forget to include some very important information: where the color is painted! We have a simple DIY that you can do to make sure that information is organized and ready for the next owners.

Create a little paint swatch library and save it along with those extra cans of paint!


Simply collect a free paint swatch for each color paint you used in your home, punch a hole in the corner of each swatch, and bind them together with a binder clip!


We included the paint brand, the name of the color, the number of that color, and the sheen…plus the LOCATION of the paint in the home.


You can also include other important details such as how many coats it took to cover the wall and how much paint you have leftover after the project.

There is no such thing as documenting too many details on these little paint swatches for the new homeowners. We’re telling you, the next homeowners will be so happy that you took a few extra minutes to document this important information they won’t even know what to do with themselves!

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