Rethinking Customer Service

A Positive Workplace for Customer Service

The Importance of a Positive Workplace

Since 2007 the Los Angeles Business Journal, in conjunction with the Best Companies Group, has been publishing an annual report on the ‘Best Places to Work in Los Angeles.’ This report, the result of researching and surveying businesses – including the employees – all across the county, is a shout out to those area companies that have shown great success in both business and employee satisfaction. Continue reading


Top 10 Moving Customer Complaints

Top Ten Moving Customer Complaints

Giving the People What They Want

HireAHelper has almost 40,000 customer reviews now.

Yup, our customers – your customers – are definitely speaking out. And what’s really cool is that the great majority of them are giving 5-Star feedback. We are proud of what you guys have done out there, and we are excited about what this means as we continue to move forward and grow.

The Good – What Customers Want

So what exactly is it that makes our customers happy? Here are a few quotes from actual reviews: Continue reading


3 Ways to Help Your Customer Streamline Their Move

Picture of a Neon Sign Brain

Lightening the Load

When a customer comes a-calling, he or she wants more than just our bodies. Yes, our customers want us for our minds too! We are the experts. We know what works, from the pack to the load to the unload.

But long before we pull the truck up to their door on move day we can start making things easier for all involved. Here are 3 suggestions. Continue reading