Top 15 Posts of 2015 – The Best Moving Tips and Home Advice on the Web!

Top 15 Moving Advice & DIY Posts of 2015

We’re doing the ultimate #TBT today. Yep, we’re throwing it back to all of the best blog posts from the past year. We’ve tackled all kinds of crazy stuff here on the HireAHelper blog. It’s been jam-packed with moving tips, filled to the brim with cost-saving strategies, and loaded with articles meant to make your next move better & easier!

So let’s take a look at some of our favorite posts from 2015. In no particular order… Continue reading


Recipe for a Successful Move

Recipe for a successful moveChristmas is this week, and we’re guessing you’re immersed in plans for your holiday feast. Table settings, guest lists, and recipes galore! In honor of this crazy time of year, we figured we’d cook up a recipe of our own.

We all know that you can’t just wake up the day of your move and expect things to go flawlessly. Instead a lot of preparation goes into each & every move. Here’s the magical concoction that, we believe, makes a successful moving day. Continue reading


Plastic Crates: The Cardboard Box Alternative

PicMonkey CollageWhen most people have a move looming, oftentimes the first thing they tackle on their moving to-do list is “BUY CARDBOARD BOXES.” That often means a trip to the hardware store for a variety of box sizes, packing tape, and a sharpie marker for labeling.

Packed BoxBut what if I told you that there are ways to transport all of your belongings without going anywhere near a cardboard box. Yeah…this is new to us too. Continue reading


Elder Care: Senior Moving Resources

Helping Seniors Move

An Assist for Living

This article is part of our monthly Helper Newsletter – a collection of tips, training and resources for the moving labor helper you can hire through the marketplace. We’re publishing it here because everybody’s moves should be easier (even if you’re not a HireAHelper helper).

Our job is simple. We go in. We pack it. We load it all up. We make the customer happy and we go on home.

Sure, we run into problems all the time. Practical problems. Logistical problems. How-Do-We-Get-It-Done? problems. And yes, we occasionally run into people problems too. But still, we get the job done and we go. End of job, end of day, end of story.

For our customers, this is only one small part of their move. With us doing the lifting it might actually be the easiest part. It’s the before and after that brings them stress. And the most stressful moves are often those that involve Grandma and Grandpa. We need some serious senior moving resources… Continue reading


5 Items you can Leave Behind when Moving

moving-out-sliderMy husband and I recently moved into a new home and on our closing day we found a few things waiting for us in our new home. No not random items that the previous homeowners accidentally left behind. Instead, they left us with some thoughtful and extremely helpful items that made our first few days of homeownership that much better. Continue reading