New 2-Wheeled Moving Venture in NYC

Bike Movers in NYC - A New Moving Venture

Cargo Bike Collective Rolls Forward

Performing a move in a city like New York can be a nightmare, from the traffic to the building rules to finding a place to park the truck.

According to this piece in the New York Times, a few people in New York City have found a new moving venture with an interesting way around all of that.

Truth be told, we’re not sure how we feel about transporting a glass desktop like this. But it seems that, from time to time at least, these guys from the Cargo Bike Collective are on the move with another customer’s stuff.

Cargo Bike Used for Moving in NYC

“The members of the collective transport various objects regularly,” Mr. Sharkey says. “But they handle apartment moves only about a half-dozen times a year.” Though the article gives us no indication who Mr. Sharkey is we still feel okay with giving these guys and girls a big thumbs-up for their vision and effort. They’re definitely helping reduce the average cost of moving in New York!


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