Organizing your Christmas Cards on the cheap

This post is another fun part of our weekly DIY Corner series. Today Casey & Bridget share a fun and easy project to help you in organizing your Christmas cards. With just a shutter board , some paint and a few push pins you’ll clear counter space and earn points with relatives who always seem to expect to see their Christmas card displayed around your house. 

Snail Mail: love it or hate it, there’s no denying that there will be lots of snail mail crawling your way this holiday season. Envelopes of Hallmark quotes oozing glitter and family photos are at an all-time high around this time of year, and if you’re anything like us, you can’t come to terms with tossing those keepsakes in the garbage (I mean, not right away at least).

‘Tis the season to hang those awkward family photos and remember the people in your life that have made your year extra special, all while cutting down on the counter top clutter and staying organized. Well if this sounds all too familiar, our DIY shutter board may be the answer you’ve been looking for.


We scored this shutter board at a local garage sale; however, you can also find one of these on the cheap at a thrift shop, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, or even a large hardware retailer in your area. For less than $5 I took this filthy thing home and washed her down immediately.


I covered her in two coats of white spray paint and traced “’tis the season” on the center of the board. I was going to go with our street name, our  last name or even our address numbers, but my +1 was insistent on the traditional “tis the season”.



With some thumbtacks, a little more paint, and a pop of sparkle (when in doubt, add glitter), we were ready to relocate the clutter and make a snail mail hall-of-fame. Check it out…

IMG_1067For under $20, this little project reused, recycled, and most importantly, saved your behind when your mom’s cousin comes over for Christmas and wants to see where you framed her family’s holiday photo. Awkwarddddddd…

Christmas Card Storage




See, organizing your Christmas cards isn’t impossible. Happy Holidays from the DIY Playbook! We hope your holiday season is full of love, laughter & maybe a lil’ DIY.



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