Show Off Your Fall Front Yard


We’ve all seen it. That home on the block that goes waaaaay overboard when it comes to any holiday or season.

Christmas… 50 blow up Santas in the yard.
Easter… 6ft eggs covering every inch of the lawn.
Fall… pumpkins, gourds, plastic Halloween figures, cobwebs, and a witch on the roof.

Yep, just about every neighborhood has that house.

We know you don’t want to be the crazy person with too many lawn ornaments, but no one wants to be a complete Debbie Downer either, with absolutely nothing outside of their home. So today we want to chat about how you can welcome the fall season in that nice “in between zone.” Adding a bit of fall celebration without being too over the top.

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If you don’t want to spend too much time or money, then we suggest creating a couple fall-themed areas. That way you can spruce up a couple of spots, instead of wasting too much money on transforming your entire fall front yard.


Here we took an old wheelbarrow (it was wasting away in the garage, and could use some action) and turned it into a fall planter. We drilled holes in the bottom of the wheelbarrow for drainage, and then filled it with soil. Adding some mums, ivy, and kale plants instantly transformed this rusty ol’ wheelbarrow into some front yard eye candy.


Like we said, it’s also about creating small themed areas. Surrounding the wheelbarrow we placed some hay and (of course) pumpkins.

This little front yard area shows that you’re welcoming the new season with open arms and with some class. Pumpkins-Mums

There’s nothing that screams fall more than the pumpkin + mum combo. However, these fall must-haves aren’t free & don’t have to be EVERYWHERE to create a fall mood that works for your fall front yard. Remember, we are trying to avoid being the over-the-top tacky neighbor. Just one or two pumpkins and one or two mums can really do the trick.   IMG_2703 IMG_2709

So what do you say? Not too hard to get into the holiday spirit, huh? We think your neighbors are going to be impressed by your classy, simple touches of fall in the front of your home. So impressed that they may bring over some homemade apple pie or cider to celebrate your obvious love of the season.

We’ll close with expert advice from our DIY friends. Cheers!


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