Plastic Crates: The Cardboard Box Alternative

PicMonkey CollageWhen most people have a move looming, oftentimes the first thing they tackle on their moving to-do list is “BUY CARDBOARD BOXES.” That often means a trip to the hardware store for a variety of box sizes, packing tape, and a sharpie marker for labeling.

Packed BoxBut what if I told you that there are ways to transport all of your belongings without going anywhere near a cardboard box. Yeah…this is new to us too. Continue reading


10 DIY Halloween Costumes Made from Cardboard Moving Boxes

DIY Halloween Costumes

Why throw out those old moving boxes when you can upcycle them into the best DIY Halloween Costume on the block? Check out some of these super creative (and some even super EASY!) DIY Halloween Costumes using recycled cardboard boxes. Not only are these costumes adorable, they can all be adapted to fit any age and any style. As long as you have some old boxes and a big imagination… the possibilities are endless! Here are some of our favorites… Continue reading


One Stop Shopping for Moving Supplies

LowesMove12-001If you’re shopping in August, you are bound to come across a back-to-school section in almost any big box store. We all have come to expect aisles and aisles of colorful notebooks, lunch boxes sporting the latest tween superstars and Disney characters, and bins upon bins of disheveled school supplies. I think it’s even safe to say that once we see these advertisements in our Sunday paper, we all know that summer is quickly being replaced with new schedules, reinstated bed times, and piles of dreaded homework. Continue reading


DIY Cardboard Hacks for KIDS

DIY Cardboard Hacks For Kids

Don’t throw away those moving boxes just yet! We have some MORE creative ways to entertain, challenge and keep your kids involved throughout the unpacking time (and maybe even beyond!) without spending a penny.

Here are 7 DIY cardboard art projects to help the kids have a little fun throughout the move-in process, which will hopefully simultaneously provide all of you parents a chance to GET SOMETHING DONE! For even more information about each project, click on the link provided for the step-by-step tutorial. Continue reading


Where Can I Find Free Moving Boxes? (Bonus Free Printable Checklist)

I recently had a friend ask me where the best places are to pick up free moving boxes. If you’ve ever had to move before, you know what it’s like to hunt down boxes for everything.  No one ever KEEPS their boxes from the last time because there is never room for a million boxes!  I did a bit of thinking and researching to come up with eight categories of where you’ll have the best luck.


1. Free Moving Boxes a la Social Mediasocial media

First, access your social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Throw out a quick blip about needing moving boxes. Chances are that someone in your area just moved and would be happy to have you pick up their boxes rather than having to break them all down and hall them to the dump!



2. Local Grocery & Supercenters = *LOADS* of Free Moving BoxesThis Wal-mart sells paddleboats!

Next, try local grocery and super centers. Walmart, Target, and your local grocery stores go through countless boxes each day. Make a list of those closest and give them a call before driving all around town. You may not have to look any farther!




3. Liquor Stores Have Sturdy Free Moving Boxesliquor crates

If you’re still not having any luck, there are still several places left to call. Liquor stores are a good place to check out because they use sturdy boxes so the glass bottles don’t break! Again, I’m sure most employees would be happy to give the boxes away rather than taking the time to break them all down!




4. Coffee Shops: Free Coffee Scented Moving BoxesStarbucks

Coffee shops are another good place to check out, as they are constantly receiving shipments of syrup bottles and other merchandise. Call your local Starbucks or Caribou store to see when a good time would be to come in.




5. Book Stores: Another Sturdy Free Moving Box – topiabooks

This was not an idea that came to mind right away but it makes perfect sense. Have you ever had to move boxes of books?  It only takes one time to learn that A) books should be packed in SMALL boxes and B) those boxes better be darn sturdy. So, like liquor stores, book stores are definitely a good place to find sturdy boxes.



6. Apartment Complexes AKA Free Moving Boxes Galoreapartments

If you live in a fairly large city, there are likely people moving around all the time. Apartment complexes would naturally have new people coming in and therefore needing to get rid of their used boxes. Call or stop by these different complexes and ask if there are any you can have.



7. Office Supply Stores and Newspapers – A Family Free Box Secret

paper boxes

I grew up in a Newspaper family and we had tons of people coming to us over the years asking for used boxes. All paper reams come in sturdy boxes, typically with handles and lids. In my opinion, they’re only one grade down from plastic bins! Office supply stores obviously sell the same merchandise and so have the same type of boxes. These are the best boxes!



8. World Wide Free Moving Boxes Webwww

Finally, you can search Craigslist and FreeCycle for local areas and people who have free boxes. As always, use caution and common sense when meeting people through sites like these. They can be fantastic resources when used wisely!



I hope this makes the process a little bit easier on those of you facing a big move. It’s a lot of work but having the inside scoop can lighten the load! I also put together this free printable checklist sheet for you as you search local spots for your boxes (also linked at the end of this post).


And if you happen to be an expert mover, please feel free to share some of your secrets to finding free boxes in the comments below.


 Free Printable Download


About the author: Victoria is currently a grad student studying in Nebraska and working part time for the free movers marketplace, HireAHelper. She loves music, road trips, and reading.

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