The 6 Things to Do with Leftover Halloween Candy


Halloween has come and gone, but we’re guessing there may still be some Halloween candy lingering in your household. Your child may have brought back way too many goodies from their trick-or-treating run, or perhaps you simply overbought and weren’t able to fill as many trick-or-treaters’ bags as you anticipated. Either way … you’re probably stuck with a lot of leftover Halloween Candy.

Instead of indulging on stale candy for the next year, we suggest trying one of these six options to help make the most of your sweet stash!

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8 GENIUS Halloween Costumes That We’ll Teach You To Make From Leftover Boxes


Halloween is just around the corner (18 days to be exact…) and if you just moved in or still have a few moving boxes to unpack, this post is for you! Instead of throwing away those last few boxes, we want to challenge you to up-cycle them into the most amazing Halloween costume that your new, impressionable neighborhood has ever seen!

Yep, forget spending big bucks online or at a costume shop. With a little creativity and some leftover boxes, we are confident you can fashion one of these looks. Check out the tutorials below each image! (Except for Beyonce. There’s only one Beyonce.)

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Summer Moving Infographic

If you’re moving this summer, it’s probably out of New York and into Washinton DC. How’d I know? Because I did a TON of research to put together this humble infographic crammed full of interesting moving habits and facts (below). So if you are moving this summer or even this month (May is National Moving Month after all) be sure you have your facts straight with our handy dandy summer moving infographic. Don’t be shy, check it out. And we won’t be mad if you want to share it with all your friends. (click the infograph for an interactive version over on

Summer Moving Infographic

Written, partly researched and designed by yours truly, Daniel Horning.