Everything you need to know before you visit Magnolia Market

Original_Fixer-Upper-Gift-Guide-18-Shiplap-ShirtsAs we found out a few weeks ago after sharing a few tips on how to incorporate Chip & Joanna’s Fixer Upper Style into your own home, there are lots and lots of fellow Chip & Joanna fans out there! Finding out that many of you share our admiration for this positive, charming and uber talented couple did not surprise us (who doesn’t love those two?!) instead, it got us super excited and gave us another excuse to chat about this power couple here on the HireAHelper blog.

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Where And Why Are Companies Moving?

Why Are Companies Moving?

Behind a Company’s Move – Is the bottom line the only factor?

Thanks to this smartphone video of one company’s announcement of their moving operations to Mexico, coupled with a certain presidential candidate’s ongoing tirade against US businesses moving out of the US, there seems a growing element of discontent across the country with the priorities of businesses in general – priorities that place the bottom line ahead of the people whose work, ironically, allows there to be a bottom line.

Rather than join in the ruckus we decided to take a look at a handful of high-profile businesses that are presently on the move and see just what is behind their decisions to relocate. Why are companies moving? Turns out it’s not always a simple matter of increasing profits. Continue reading


Celebrate Your City with these New Home Announcements

Moving Home Announcement PostcardWe are all about snail mail. I mean who doesn’t love opening up their mailbox to be greeted with mail from friends & family…instead of another bill or catalog?! It’s safe to say we’re all heart-eyed-emojied for snail mail and we’ll use any excuse to whip out our address books and stamps. Continue reading


Top 14 St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Across the Country

Green River Green Beer1. New York, NY

New York City’s Saint Patrick’s Day parade is held along 5th Avenue and its procession can take up to five full hours to pass! The St. Patty’s Day parade is not only the largest parade honoring this holiday, but also the oldest. Continue reading


10 Signs It’s Time to Move if you Live in the FROZEN World


10 Signs It's Time To Move From Your Frozen World

Most of the country has been hit by Old Man Winter. It’s been brutal, it’s been cold, it’s been brutally cold. Let’s just say spring can’t come soon enough. But for most of us…we won’t see any signs of spring for many, many weeks. And if you have just had enough…well then it might be time to channel your inner bird and fly south. Here are 10 signs it might be time to leave your FROZEN world.

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