7 Tips to Refresh your Home for Spring

refresh-your-home-spring-graphicWe know we’re already well into the official spring season, but here in Chicago it’s only just starting to warm up. So it’s taken us a little bit longer to catch SPRING FEVER. But now that the temps are rising, we’re welcoming the spring season with open arms.

If you’ve caught a case of spring fever, then we’ve got just the remedy. Here are 7 tips to refresh your home for spring! Continue reading


How to Stay Organized in a Small Home

How to Stay Organized in a Small HomeEven though we’re two home decor enthusiasts (who spend way too many hours browsing the aisles of HomeGoods and hitting up estate sales), we both live in pretty small spaces. Bridget lives in a small ranch in the suburbs of Chicago, while I have a 1,200 square foot condo downtown. Because we live in tight quarters, we’re forced to pare down the stuff in our homes on a regular basis and that is a-okay in our playbook.

Living small is big these days! People are doing their best to live with less, and we are big fans of this newfound minimalism. If you’re looking to get rid of the clutter and pare down to the essentials, we are here to help! Here’s how we stay organized in our small homes…without compromising style. Continue reading


How Do I Organize All My New House Keys?

When you arrive at your new home sweet home chances are that you will be welcomed with a whole new slew of keys to sort through and figure out.
how to organize house keysjdA new set of keys for the front door’s deadbolt, a few copies of keys for the garage, more keys for the shed, and don’t forget about those keys for the screen doors. SO. MANY. KEYS!!!! Here’s our cheap ingredient list for how to organize house keys. Continue reading


Where’s My Stapler? A DIY Tool Organization & Storage Idea

Tool Organization - How To Stop Losing Tools

New homeowners tend to acquire quite the collection of tools when they first move in. Trips to local hardware stores, shower gifts, fixes that somehow require that single tool you don’t have in your collection all attribute to a random pile of tools.

Pretty quickly, I’m sure you feel like you have plenty, actually you probably think you have too many when the dust settles, but trust me when I say that this enormous collection of tools will mysteriously be hidden in every nook and cranny of your home in about a year IF you don’t get those bad boys under control with some serious tool organization right from the start.

Moving 101

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