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An Assist for Living

This article is part of our monthly Helper Newsletter – a collection of tips, training and resources for the moving labor helper you can hire through the HireAHelper.com marketplace. We’re publishing it here because everybody’s moves should be easier (even if you’re not a HireAHelper helper).

Our job is simple. We go in. We pack it. We load it all up. We make the customer happy and we go on home.

Sure, we run into problems all the time. Practical problems. Logistical problems. How-Do-We-Get-It-Done? problems. And yes, we occasionally run into people problems too. But still, we get the job done and we go. End of job, end of day, end of story.

For our customers, this is only one small part of their move. With us doing the lifting it might actually be the easiest part. It’s the before and after that brings them stress. And the most stressful moves are often those that involve Grandma and Grandpa. We need some serious senior moving resources… Continue reading


How Can I Help My Senior Parents Move To A Smaller Home?

King of the Castle by Mart Wegman

King of the Castle by Mart Wegman

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably stressing over your parents’ or grandparents’ health, safety, finances and possibly social isolation. However, your parents and grandparents are most likely focused on how to fight to keep their home and how they’re going to manage. For many seniors, their home has been their home for decades. After all, “Home is where the heart is!”

Make no mistake about it; even with a full list of logical reasons to make a move, it will be a difficult and emotional life transition. The most important issue to consider when helping your senior family members prepare for a move is their emotional state. Continue reading