How Neighbors Are Connecting in the Digital Age

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Even though we’re bloggers, we never claim to be the most tech-savvy gals around. In fact, until we started the blog we didn’t even really know what HTML meant (#rookies). However, we’re trying to be  “cooler” when it comes to all of this tech stuff…and for us, that means researching the latest and greatest apps and websites out there. We recently found an awesome new website and we just had to share it right here on the HireAHelper blog.

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Building a Smart Home: Expert Advice for Tech Beginners

smart_home_series2As we progress in our Smart House series here on the HireAHelper blog (you can catch up with this post and this post), we have come to one conclusion — the more knowledge a homeowner has, the more confident he or she is in integrating technology into their homes in order to start customizing their Smart House.

Knowledge is Power and getting to know everything you can about upgrading your home to a Smart House is, in our humble opinion, the very best way to get started.

If knowledge is the first step in upgrading the technology in your house, we wanted to round up the most information we could (and wanted to share it with all of you) so that we could decide on and implement a system that works best for us and our families… and that’s when we called in some back-up.

We enlisted the help of HireAHelper’s technology Guru, Nick Head, to give us the scoop on how he incorporates Smart technology into his home and to share what advice he would give to fellow homeowners that aren’t as tech savvy as he is. We compiled a list of  FAQ’s and took notes on his insight. Here’s what he had to say: Continue reading


Building a Smart Home: 11 sleek products to do just that

Building a Smart HomeLast week here on the HireAHelper blog, we kicked off a series on Building a Smart Home by sharing an introduction post on where to even start in the process.

This week we are diving just a bit deeper by sharing some specific smart home products to consider purchasing in order to transition your home into the future. Not only do these products help make your life more convenient, but we really love them because they can keep your property (and family) safer. To us, the investment is well worth it! Continue reading


10 Awesome APPS for Moving

Dear Technology,

If we’re being honest here…. sometimes you make us a little crazy, but most of the time we pretty much love you. We are continuously impressed at how freakin’ smart you are; you really do put the “smart” in Smartphone. Thank you for always being there for us, always being so reliable, and always making life’s adventures a lot less stressful. Not to be creepy or anything, but we’re pretty obsessed with you. #likeliterally



PS. These 10 Smartphone APPS?! We totally owe you for making our recent move far less stressful. Thank YOU!


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