DIY Corner: Move Out With Class

This is awesome Post #1 in our new DIY Corner series, brought to you by the creative ladies over at The DIY Playbook. Thanks for celebrating DIY Thursday with us!

So you’re moving out of your home or apartment and you have a million things on your mind, not to mention your to-do list is a mile long. I know, I know. I’ve been there.  But I have something that you can add to that to-do list that is actually kinda fun. (Yes, I did just put “fun” and “to-do list” in the same sentence.)

The Welcome Home Gift Idea

Why not get some good karma going before that upcoming move of yours, and leave a little something for the new owners/renters of your place?  It will take minimal time and money, and it will leave you feeling like a million bucks.


You’ve already dumped out all of your expired condiments and you’re leaving the refrigerator fresh and clean. Now, go buy a bottle of your favorite bubbly (we’re not talking Dom here people…more like $20 or less) and leave it right there in the fridge.


Download the above print right here.


Then, print out this fabulous FREE PRINTABLE and cut out 1 of the 3 color options.


All that’s left to do is hole punch the corner, and attach the note to your champagne bottle with ribbon or some string.

You can even write a personalized note on the back for the new owners/renters. Perhaps a few tips about the neighbors (Ex. “Sue next door bakes the best brownies, be sure to introduce yourself.” Or “Rodney down the hall…his dog pees on everything, stay far away from that creature!”) You’ve probably acquired plenty of insider info during your time there, so why not pass it along to the new tenants? I’m sure they’ll appreciate the inside scoop.


So I suggest leaving this as a thoughtful welcome home gift idea. Perhaps the good deed will bring luck and fortune your way. If not, at least you’ll move out knowing that you made someone’s day a little brighter.


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