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10 Tips for Crosstown Moves

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Crosstown moves seem like they should be the easiest kind of moving adventure. There’s no need to get used to a brand new city, you don’t have to drive a truck hundreds of miles, and heck you can always run over to your old place if you forget something.

But like any move, crosstown moves are not easy at all. In fact, they’re often some of the toughest moves simply because people do not plan ahead. Many people figure they can cram their move into a Saturday afternoon and be done in time for dinner. Hate to break it to ya, but that’s typically not the case.

So we’re here to help. We want to give you some tips so you can survive and thrive during your crosstown move. No matter your reason for packing everything up and regrouping in a new part of town, we want to offer up a few words of advice for our fellow movers.

#1. Plan Ahead

Yes, like any good move there is going to be some planning involved. You may not need to reserve your truck or movers months ahead of time, but the moment you know your move-in date you should get to work. It doesn’t matter if you’re just moving a few miles, moving companies fill their schedules quickly and you’ll want to book a truck as soon as possible.

#2. Clean First


If you’re able to get into your new place before the big moving day, then it may be best to give it a thorough cleaning prior to moving all of your belongings in. You’ll never be able to clean without all of your junk taking up space, and it’s one less thing to do after move-in day. So fill up your car with your cleaning supplies and get down and dirty! Use some of the cleaning hacks from this post to guide you, and don’t forget to check out the 6 overlooked areas that require a deep clean.

#3. Bring Over the Essentials

We’re talking toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, and bottled water for the fridge. If you bring it over early, you won’t have to shuffle through boxes when you need a specific item on moving day.

#4. Make the Most of Every Trip

If you’re traveling back and forth to clean and prep your new place, then we suggest loading up your car each time. Stuff that baby to the tip-top and cram in as much as possible for every car trip. That way you’ll get some of the items out-of-the-way, and there will be less to transfer on moving day.

#5. Transfer the Contents of your Fridge


Buying all new condiments and re-stocking your refrigerator can be very pricey. Since you’re only moving a short distance, we suggest loading up a cooler and bringing your goodies that way. Also, check out this post for all of the tips on moving the contents of your fridge.

#6. Purge


I don’t think we’ve ever written a moving post without bringing up the most essential part of any moving process…the big purge! Why move stuff that you don’t really even want anymore? Throw away, donate, and get rid of junk before taking time and money to move it from one spot to the next. Need help? Check out this post and this one for some guidance.

#7. Keep Clothing As Is


Instead of wasting valuable space in your boxes, keep your drawers full of clothing. Also, it may be best (read: easiest) to leave your clothing on hangers too. You can use this method to transport your hanging clothes easily.

#8. Move Valuables Yourself

If you’re worried about some items (like family photos, jewelry, important documents) be sure to bring those over yourself. In fact, check out this list for everything you shouldn’t put on the moving truck.

#9. Let your Pets Sniff It Out


A strange new place to call home can be hard on a pet. To ease the transition, we suggest taking your pet over to the new area prior to your move-in date. That way they can sniff out their new pad, check out the yard, and get accustomed to their new home. Here are some more tips on moving with your pet.

#10. Hire A Helper!

Finally, don’t do a DIY move. Even if it’s just a couple of miles, or heck a couple blocks, you’re going to save lots of time and hassle if you hire move help. Even though your friends may love your pizza and beer offer, we think it’s best for your sanity (& friendship) to hire some real pros to do the loading and unloading, even if it’s just the big stuff. To get started head here.


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