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4 New Ways to Inspire Home Renovation

Posted in: I'm Moving, Home Decorating

Get Inspired for Your Next Home Makeover

When looking to create a new look in your home or if you’re looking to move into a new home, most people will browse through a few decorating magazines or ask their friends and family for some inspiration… but why stop there?

Here are 4 of the best new ways to get your creative juices flowing and help inspire you to design an incredible new look for any room in your house:

1.) Travel

It’s worth keeping hold of your holiday photos, not just for the memories but also for design inspiration. Whenever you’re away from home, be watching for a new look for your home. Take your camera along and get snapping. A color scheme in a Moroccan restaurant, an ornate wall hanging in a Parisian theater or even just a combination of colors seen in an English summer carnival can be all you need to dream up a wonderful design for your home.

2.) Television Shows

Have you ever watched Pride and Prejudice and wished you could live is a stately country home like Mr Darcy? The answer for many is yes and this is just one of the looks that have inspired would-be designers across the country to have a go at creating their own vintage look. Or perhaps you prefer something more modern, like the apartments seen in Friends or Sex and the City? You don’t have to copy the entire look exactly but a borrowed touch here and there can really look amazing. It’s worth paying attention to the TV shows that you love and getting inspiration from there.

3.) Nature

Nature isn’t just about green and blue – there is a rainbow of colors out there to see – in a rainbow for example! Look closely at the colors of beautiful bird feathers or in wild flowers and you can find great combinations that will transfer easily into your home. You can even utilize nature inside your home as well, with stunning flower arrangements for your dining table or artistic landscapes hanging above your fireplace. If you are lucky enough to enjoy the sounds and smells of the English countryside in a particular room of your house, then try adding flowing curtains that will move in the breeze. You can find customized drapery by The Shade Store if you’re looking for a particular style to match your decor.

4.) Music

This may not seem as obvious as the others on this list but music can be a powerful motivator. Listen to your favorite album in the room you wish to decor and see what comes to mind. Do you see passionate reds, calming blues or vibrant pinks? Do you want leather furniture to reflect the drums in your song or would you prefer a soft bean bag chair and a fluffy rug to chill out to on a lazy afternoon? Music can help you come up with ideas you might not have considered before and will also give your room a deeply personal look that means something to you.


About the Author
Anna is a freelance writer with an interest in interior design and home makeovers. She loves working in a project, crafting, music and a good book. @a_jonesyjones


  1. Reciana

    My travels have definitely determined a lot of my style choices throughout my home. When I travel to countries, such as Turkey, where there are so many rich textures and opulent décors, it inspires me to re-create that look and feel in my own home! Loved reading your article 🙂

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