4 Pro Tips for Unpacking After Your Move

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You made it. Everything was packed, loaded, unloaded, and the movers sent on their way. The hard part is over. Or is it? You’re in your new space, surrounded by boxes, and the sight can be overwhelming. Below are a few tips to make this next step in the moving process go smoother.

1. Take a break

Most people move in the summer. This means you’ve probably just finished a long hot day and you’re completely beat. Treat yourself by finding your first favorite restaurant in your new town. If it’s meal time, have a quick meal out of the house, or if not, have a coffee or a treat. The boxes will be there when you get back and taking an hour to relax a bit will make all the difference as you start to tackle them.

2. Don’t obsess

It isn’t hard to get caught up in the details. “If I put the coffee pot here that doesn’t leave me any room for the blender.” The goal is to get your stuff out of the boxes and get the boxes out of the house. Not to spend hours agonizing over whether this should be the silverware drawer or the dish towel drawer. Give yourself a week actually using your rooms, learning the feel of the place and your new preferences. Then decide on the final spots for your gadgets and knick knacks.

3. Arrange Furniture First

It’s easy to clear a room of boxes, or at least most of the boxes so that you can visualize the space and what you want to put where. This also gives you the freedom to try out several options in a room before making a final decision. If you need to purchase furniture for a room, try to unpack as little as possible in that room until the new furniture has arrived.

4. Essentials First

Most people will tell you to have an essentials box. It’s the box of stuff that gets packed and loaded last and then unloaded and unpacked first. Be sure to keep your eye on this box and head for it first. You’ll instantly feel better with your toothbrush set out and clothes for the next few days put away. But there are more essentials than just the essentials box. Don’t leave your bed until right before you’re ready to crash for the day. Put it together early in the process and get the linens put out. Then, getting to sleep doesn’t mean one more thing you have to do. The kitchen and bathrooms are also essential rooms. Have an “essentials” box for each room so that breakfast is easy in the morning and you’re not scrambling for towels the next day.

Just like you did with packing, you can set yourself daily goals. Try to unpack a few boxes every day. If you find that some boxes are sitting around after a few weeks, consider whether you really need whatever is in them. Have patience with yourself as well. Moving day is the big day, but the work doesn’t end there. No need to stress out about the amount of work, remember to enjoy your new surroundings a little as well!

About the Author: Shawn Wood is the founder and President of The Student Movers, a California moving company that helps families and businesses relocate across the Golden State. Shawn is a big fan of HireAHelper, supporter of many charities, and an avid snowboarder. Connect with Shawn on Facebook and Twitter.

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