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5 Hidden Benefits to Decorating With Mirrors

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If you’re itching to decorate your rental or your new home, then we urge you to consider using mirrors as your figurative paint brush. Mirrors: they’re not just for the bathroom anymore! As long as you restrain yourself from lining them across every last surface, supplementing mirrors in your living space is a key way to make your place feeling super open.

Knowing that, here are five things that a mirror can do super easily for you!

1. Check yourself from everywhere (and often.)

Of course, let’s start with the obvious. Unlike other wall art, mirrors have that nifty little function of being, you know, usable. So map out where you might want that: they’re great in bedrooms and bathrooms obviously, but also by all entryways to check if you’ve got food in your teeth when you head out the door.

Full-length mirrors are ideal to check out a full-body shot of your complete outfit, so this is one of the best ways to really personalize closets and storage areas. And they’re also essential additions to any guest rooms, so all your guests can get ready inside their own bedroom and not have to be in the bathroom forever.

2. They add psychological square footage to every room

Photo by Studio McGee

We’ve all been to those restaurants where there are mirrors on the back wall and you think the place is double the size, right? Well, use that same strategy in your studio apartment, because they truly enlarge a space! If you want to visually expand a small room and add dimension, consider adding a mirror.

3. Flood your room with natural light

natural light

If you have a room that is lacking natural light, try placing a mirror near or on the opposite side of the window. The light from outside will naturally bounce off and illuminate the entire space! Mirrors are also great in dining rooms when there is a pretty chandelier and candles lit. It bounces the light perfectly to create an ambiance of warmth.

4. Mirrors make the perfect focal point for a room


Instead of choosing a large piece of art as a focal point, mirrors are where it’s at! We love them over fireplaces, above dressers and even above beds. It’s a simple way to add some shine, glamor, and light to a room. You don’t always need the perfect art piece when a mirror can easily be the main attraction!

5. Bathrooms are tricky to decorate, so use a mirror to do it for youshiplap_bathroom_reveal-15

If you buy a builder-grade home, chances are you’ll have a builder-grade mirror in your bathroom. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to put your own mark on your own space, we suggest swapping out the boring mirrored square for something more decorative. Just that simple change alone will instantly transform your bathroom and will make it a heck of a lot less cookie-cutter.

We hope we illuminated the idea of adding mirrors to your house! Find one that you absolutely adore and give it a try in your home. We promise you won’t be disappointed – mirrors are awesome!


  1. Finley Moreira

    I never really took into account how a mirror could make a space look bigger. You mentioned that mirrors can add the illusion of more square footage to a room by making it feel bigger and more open. I have a pretty small bedroom, so a mirror sounds like it would be the perfect fit there.

  2. Taylor Bishop

    Wow, it’s cool to think that mirrors can actually help bounce of natural light into a room and help illuminate a space. Sounds like this could be a good design choice if you want more natural light in a room. Kind of curious if it’s possible this could make the room too bright. Maybe learning more about some different design techniques can make sure that it’s displayed right.

  3. Carl

    Mirror above the bed was something, I might have never thought of. Since that is not the place you will be looking your face, would it be nicer to have some patterned or even curved mirrors to be there, just wondering.

  4. Kylie Dotts

    I love how you said that mirrors are a great home decor product that will help increase the lighting in a room! The house we just moved into has a few rooms that are a bit like caves because of the small windows. It hadn’t occurred to me to use mirrors to help brighten them up a bit! I’ll have to look into that and see if it’s something that our budget will allow.

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