5 Things to Overlook When House Hunting

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Have you guys ever seen the show “House Hunters”? We watch the iconic HGTV show fairly often, and always laugh when buyers can’t seem to overlook some of the easily-fixable items in a home. If I had a dollar every time a buyer says they can’t possibly imagine buying a home that doesn’t have stainless steel appliances…well I think I’d be able to afford one heck of a house.

If you’re house hunting, keep an open mind and overlook some areas in the homes you see. All five of these things to overlook when house hunting can easily be changed, and should by no means ever be deal-breakers! In fact, looking for homes that lack in these areas might lead you to a seller more desperate for offers, and more willing to negotiate.

1. Paint Colors

master-bedroom-green-augusta-before03-master-bedroom-bed-bench-augustaPaint is one of the easiest things to change in a home. It doesn’t take a lot of time, money, or even skill to transform the walls in a potential home. Don’t worry if a home features a rainbow of colors, instead look past all of the vibrant hues and picture your choices freshly displayed on the walls.

2. Light Fixtures

light-fixtureLighting makes or breaks a room, and we don’t want a horrendous fixture from 1985 to deter you from the house of your dreams. If you want to personalize your future home (and who doesn’t want to do that?!), then swapping fixtures will be an easy task once you’re settled in. Overlook ugly chandeliers, pendants, and ceiling fans and know that you can change this up later on down the road.

3. Cabinet Hardware

kitchenOkay, I lied when I said paint was the easiest thing to change in your home. Cabinet hardware is definitely #1 on the easy-list. Ugly kitchen or bathroom knobs can be changed with the simple turn of a screwdriver.

4. Old Appliances

How to Pack Up a Kitchen - Fridge, Pantry, and FreezerWe’re not quite sure how stainless steel came to be so popular (all of those finger prints…ugh!), but it’s definitely a must-have for many who are house hunting. If the homes you’re seeing have old and outdated appliances, don’t fret.

New appliances are a small price to pay when it comes to buying a home, and you’ll be able to choose one with features that make your life easier! Just imagine shopping for new appliances that are perfect for you and your lifestyle and overlook that yellowed fridge in your potential pad.

5. No Curb Appeal

patio-lawn-yardA nice front yard can make a great impression on potential homebuyers. But don’t fret if the house you want has zero curb appeal. Just think of this as an opportunity to add landscaping, grass, and flowers that YOU like. It will only take a few seasons to get your new home in the running for “best yard on the block.”

And the one thing you definitely CANNOT change about a house? LOCATION! Be sure to only look in the area you want to live, or else you’re setting yourself up for heartbreak.



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