5 Ways That We’ve Added Tons of Space to Our Apartment

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When I was a renter, space was always a premium. Heck, even as a homeowner I’m still always looking for ways to sneak in some extra storage!

But even if you live in a small apartment or studio, there are ways to make the most of your space so you can live in an efficient, organized, and good-looking home. Our trick? Secret storage!

We are big fans of secret storage. It’s a way of hiding your (organized) belongings in plain sight. But in an unobtrusive way! How exactly? Here are five ways to incorporate secret storage into your space, so you have plenty of room for the essentials.

1. Everything A Drawer

Coffee tables with drawers, end tables with drawers, couches with drawers…

We found this gold trunk for $10 at a flea market and now it’s home to tons of storage. Out-of-season clothing is currently organized in this glam piece of furniture, but it also works double-duty as a place to rest your feet when lounging on the couch. Pieces like that are the biggest ways we keep our places packed tight: Ottomans, trunks, and storage benches are good pieces of furniture to incorporate into your rental create extra space.

2. Adorable Baskets as Decor (But Also, Put Things In Them)


Baskets can be found all over our homes… seriously, in every. single. room.

We adore baskets because they can hide all kinds of items, yet they’re not an eyesore like most random containers. In fact, they often contribute to the main vibe of the room. Look for baskets with lids or tops if you have items you really want to hide or choose open top baskets if the items inside don’t detract from your decor.

3. Buy Under-Bed TotesView More: http://ginacristinestudios.pass.us/diy-playbook-guest-bedroom

Underneath the bed is often home to dust bunnies and rogue socks, random boxes or who knows what. We want to encourage you to make the most of this unused space. Instead of just throwing items under there willy-nilly, come up with a plan! Places like Ikea sell inexpensive under-bed totes and other containers so that your items stay organized (and dust-free).

4. Dressers Aren’t Just For A Bedroom

Believe it or not, a dresser can go anywhere! We use them all over our homes because – surprise – they’re packed with secret storage! The living room is a great spot to use a dresser. Swap a TV stand for a dresser and you’ll have lots of drawers to organize all of your family room essentials. Plus, it just looks neat.


…Or use a tall dresser in a small nook in your home (like the picture above). Since our place doesn’t have a linen closet, this tall dresser holds all of those items right in plain sight!

5. Try “Vertical Storage” Art

Photo by New Darlings

You may not have thousands of square feet in your apartment, but you can gain some extra space if you use all of your vertical space. Hooks can be a lifesaver in a small rental. We love Command Hook because they don’t mark up the walls and can easily be removed when you move out. Try those in closets to hang extra purses, hats and jewelry. You can even make a statement with some of your items (like using hats as art, like in the photo above!)

And don’t be afraid of hanging to add that extra storage in your apartment. It may mean that you have to do a tiny bit of patching later on, but trust us, it’s well worth it. Plus, it’s not that difficult to get your walls looking good before move out day. Try this tutorial.

All it takes is some creativity (and a bit of sneakiness) to design a home that not only looks good but is organized everywhere!


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