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5 Ways to Show Your Movers Some Love

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Not many people love to move. But doesn’t it feel good to be moved? To have your entire world hauled safely onto and off of a truck by a crew of quick, efficient, polite movers?

This week in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’d like to share five things you can do to return that love, whatever time of year you move.

#1. Be ready

Come on in, guys, let me show you what we’ve got.

Right off the bat your movers will want to see the layout of your place so they can get started. If you’re moving out they’ll want to look at your stuff and formulate a game plan. So be explicit. Tag things you don’t want moved with sticky notes. Identify a place, like a kitchen counter, that should be left alone. Your movers would love to know these things up front, not later when the house is half empty.

If you’re moving in, your crew will want to know – and name – the rooms in your place: Living room, TV room, front closet, hall closet. The first bedroom, big bedroom, green bedroom.

If you’ve marked all your boxes as such, awesome! Now just mark the corresponding places and you’ll be talked about in mover lore for years to come!

#2. Be Available

“If you guys need something, just holler.”

We know you’ve got a hundred things to take care of when you’re moving. But questions will inevitably come up. When they do, your movers will appreciate having you within earshot.

Moving in requires more constant communication with your movers (especially if there’s an inventory list to check off). Again, we know how hectic things get. But being there for the guys will save you time and money. And the guys will love you for saving them from having to move things twice.

#3. Don’t Physically Help 

That’s right, don’t.

No doubt your intentions are good. But your movers would rather you relax and let them carry that couch and those big bulky bookshelves. After all, they’re the ones who do this every day. We understand, you want to pitch in. And that’s cool. But getting that sofa through the doorway unscathed is rarely as easy as it looks.

If you just can’t stand not being helpful, lend a hand before the guys show up by clearing the hallways and high-traffic areas of boxes, rugs and debris. If you’re really motivated, you could move some boxes closer to the door ahead of time. Just leave plenty of room for the furniture the guys might want to carry out first.

#4. Offer drinks

“Hey guys, there’s a cooler with water and Gatorade in the garage, help yourselves.”

The hotter the day, the more your movers will love you for this simple gesture. And do keep it simple. No need for fresh-squeezed orange juice; bottled water, iced tea and/or Gatorade works great. Leave it all in an accessible, unobtrusive place like the garage or the front porch or out by the truck. The movers can grab their gulps when their hands are free without having to trek to your kitchen.

Note: Some customers will buy the movers lunch during an all-day move. This, like a tip at the end of the day, is always appreciated but by no means required. The call is all yours.

#5. Write a note

Come on, don’t be shy!

Hey, we all like to be appreciated. And there’s no better way to show your movers you appreciate them than saying so in an online review. “The guys were right on time.” “They were careful and quick.” “They knocked our heart-shaped socks off!”

We can woo and serenade people till our hearts bleed, but it’s your kind words that bring our customers and us together.

For this, we’ll all love you forever.


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