5 Workout Progams to Get Fit, Just in Your Own Home

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We’re about 2 weeks into 2017 and if you’re like the rest of the universe, then you’ve made a resolution to finally get that body you’ve always wanted. (Good for you!)

A lot of people think that the only way to truly get fit is to join a pricey gym or hire a personal trainer. But there can be a third workout option for the most dedicated among us: your own home!

Since the gym will probably be packed for the remainder of January (until those newcomers lose steam…), we encourage you to get creative and try some of these at-home workouts. Many of these online options are free (or way less expensive than a gym membership) and they require little to no equipment.

1. “BBG” by Kayla Itsines

There’s a reason Kayla Itsines has millions of social media followers. Her BBG workout program (aka Bikini Body Guide) works every part of your body, which has gotten many of her followers results. For 12 weeks, you’ll do three weekly workouts, each only taking 28 minutes. But don’t let the short amount of time fool you … it’s tough and you’re bound to be sore all over (You take our word for it!)

2. “Beach Body On Demand”


Photo by Beach Body

From P90x to Insanity, Beach Body On Demand has hundreds of workouts to choose from that you can stream from your computer. There really is something for everyone: the online workouts range from yoga to weight training, and everything in between. There is a monthly fee for the program, but it just might be worth it if you are serious about your fitness goals.

3. Workout DVDs


The most works-if-you-do-it option on the list. Buying a few motivating workout DVDs is a great alternative to hitting the gym. We highly recommend Jillian Michaels for a no-nonsense approach to your health (her 30 Day Shred is great!) Or try a dance DVD like this one!

4. “Daily Burn”


Photo by Daily Burn

Daily Burn is another program where you can stream workout videos from your computer. You’ll input information about your health goals, plus Daily Burn will create a personalized plan to help you actually reach them. You can choose the length, level and kind of workout you want, then get right to work. Daily Burn does come with a monthly fee, but then the videos have unlimited usage.

5. “Tone it Up”


Photo by Tone It Up

Meet Karena and Katrina, the founders of Tone It Up. They’re fitness trainers on a mission to help you earn the perfect beach body. They offer a variety of videos to stretch, tone and improve your body. The two post new videos several times a week so you’ll always have new workouts to try. Plus, their youtube videos are FREE!

There you have it … five at-home workouts to motivate you to be the best you in 2017. We’d love to know what you do to stay in shape? Any other great online programs we missed?


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