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6 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Moving Into a Dorm

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Moving to college is a big deal. Take it from me, emotions are running pretty high, you may be nervous, you might have traveled pretty far and you have a lot on your mind.  Mistakes happen. Fortunately, there are several ways to make moving into college a whole lot easier. It won’t take away from all of the emotions of leaving home, but you can at least transition with simplicity, so you’re just prepared to enjoy your new life.

Stock up on Living Essentials Way Before You Get There

For some families, the stress of moving starts days before you arrive at college. Many local stores sell out of things like bedding, mattress toppers and protectors… not to mention supplies like pens and notepads. Don’t freak out and race around the stores last minute, be prepared. Make sure your towels and sheets are to your taste and are all securely packed in suitcases that you can fit in the car before the day you leave. Nothing makes moving a hassle like a family fight before you get to the car.

Keep Family Numbers Down

While all the aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings may want to come and see your little one off to college, this is often not conducive to the move. As college admissions expert Michael Mackenzie explains:

“…while parents think this day is all about their little one, the truth is that there’s going to be thousands of students moving, their families will be roaming the halls, and there are generally pretty strict deadlines and schedules to move in.”

Sticking to parents and the kid who’s moving means you can get in on time, unpack and be moved in when you’re supposed to. Avoid the wrath of campus security on your first day.

Arrive Well Before Your Time Slot

As explained above, you will probably receive a time slot for when you can move into your dorm. However, when you’re timing your journey, bear in mind the fact that you’ll probably sit in (at least) 45 minutes of traffic just to get into the college campus. You’ll then often need to queue up for an elevator, which can also prove to be time-consuming.

Leave Your Door Open to Make Friends

Everyone moving into your dorms will be new and a little bit nervous and alone. Leaving your door open on moving day is a great way to be welcoming and meet some new people. At the very least, you’ll recognize some friendly faces and maybe be able to arrange to head to a mixer or breakfast with some people from your corridor. It’s a great way to build a friendly rapport with neighbors since nobody will ever be as open as they are on the first day.

Pack inside Your Storage Containers (Also, Get a Storage Container)

You won’t have much spare space or storage in your dorm room. You won’t have anywhere to put a suitcase once it’s unpacked and you’ll also need extra storage – kill two birds with one stone by not only getting a small storage space but by packing inside of it too. It may seem like a weird investment when you’re 18, but trust me, you’ll never go back. No, it seems you’re never too young for your first storage space.

You’ll Need to Bring Two Specific Tools

There’s no need to bring in the whole toolkit, but when you look at what you’re taking, you may need a hammer to hang a nail for photo frames and a screwdriver to connect a TV or some hooks to hang your towels or coats. They’re small details, but they can make a big difference. And you don’t want to end up with the first problem on this list all over again.

There are some things about moving to college that will always be difficult, but just take my advice so your moving day isn’t a stressful day filled with unforeseen hassles.

Mary Walton is a professional editor for resume writing service Her work has been published on and The Huffington Post. She lived in Australia for 10 years, where she earned her degree in creative writing at the University of Melbourne. In her spare time, she also loves surfing and expressing her creative side through painting.

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