7 Tips to Refresh Your Home for Spring

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We know we’re already well into the official spring season, but here in Chicago it’s only just starting to warm up. So it’s taken us a little bit longer to catch SPRING FEVER! But now that the temps are rising, we’re welcoming the spring season with open arms.

If you’ve caught a case of spring fever, then we’ve got just the remedy. Here are 7 tips to refresh your home for spring!

1. Store Winter Accessories

snow-bootsI don’t know about you, but there is something oh-so-satisfying about boxing up heavy coats, winter gear, and snow shovels when the temps finally warm up. You better believe that I will be stuffing my mittens, gloves, and scarves into a box with a big smile on my face.

So to get your home refresh started, gather all of your cold weather gear and store it away in an organized manner. Extra credit if you tidy & clean the area where these items were stored. (Example: our front closet will be getting a good mopping after all of those snowy boots this winter.)

2. Bring the Outdoors In

Planting-TerrariumNow that the winter stuff is OUT….bring some of the outdoors IN! We’re very guilty of having brown thumbs, but that doesn’t mean we don’t at least try to keep indoor plants alive.

Buy a new pretty planter, and fill it with some gorgeous greenery. Or go for something with less maintenance like a terrarium with succulents.  These plants will clean & purify the air inside your home, and they’re bound to bring a little freshness to your home decor.

3. Add a Pop of Color

09-nightstand-styling-flowers-coffee-lampWinter = gray & drab. Spring = colorful & fresh! To welcome the new season, add more color to your home. This can be as simple as buying a few new throw pillows and blankets for your couch. Or maybe changing out your bedding for the new season.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to add a nice pop of color to your space.

4. Lighten up your Home

Carrying a BoxNo, we’re not talking about painting your home a lighter color. Instead, we mean to literally lighten up your house and purge any unnecessary items. Go through closets, give the garage a nice purge, and de-clutter all of the nooks & crannies in your home.

We promise you’ll feel lighter and ready to take on the next few months if you box up the items you no longer need and donate them. For more purging tips check out this post.

5. Start Spring Cleaning

IMG_5846Now that your home is purged, it’s time to get your spring cleaning on. We’ve discussed this before here on the HireAHelper blog, so if you want more tips be sure to check out these posts:

6. Make a Statement with Florals

florals-for-springYes, we know florals for spring…not exactly the most unique approach to the season. But we truly do believe that adding floral prints to your home is a great way to refresh your space and make a statement. Consider swapping out pillows, art, or frames in your gallery wall with some flowery options.

7. Keep it Simple

simple-decor-flowersThere’s no need to change out all of your home decor for the season. In fact, keeping things simple is your best bet. Consider paring down your knickknacks and accessories so you can let the gorgeous views outside your home really shine. Now open up those windows, let in some fresh air, and breathe in the fresh spring season!



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