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8 GENIUS Halloween Costumes That We’ll Teach You To Make From Leftover Boxes

Posted in: I'm Moving, Seasonal & Holidays

Halloween is just around the corner (18 days to be exact…) and if you just moved in or still have a few moving boxes to unpack, this post is for you! Instead of throwing away those last few boxes, we want to challenge you to up-cycle them into the most amazing Halloween costume that your new, impressionable neighborhood has ever seen!

Yep, forget spending big bucks online or at a costume shop. With a little creativity and some leftover boxes, we are confident you can fashion one of these looks. Check out the tutorials below each image! (Except for Beyonce. There’s only one Beyonce.)

1. Cardboard Carousel


Photo and Tutorial by A Joyful Riot

2. Rubik’s Cube


Photo and Tutorial by Benson Street

3. Instagram Famous


Photo by Beyonce

4. Rock, Paper, Scissors


Photo and Tutorial by

5. Mason Jar


Photo and Tutorial by DIY Network

6. Broken iPhone


Photo and Tutorial by SheKnows

7. Tetris Pieces


Photo and Tutorial by Instructables 

8. Candy Boxes


Photo and Tutorial by MaeDay

Cool, right?

Instead of pitching those moving boxes right away, create the coolest Halloween costume on the block like these people did…so start unpacking those boxes as soon as possible. Quite honestly, we can’t think of better motivation to get unpacked and settled in than Halloween!

 For even MORE costume ideas using old moving boxes, be sure to check out this post

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