The 9 Emotional Stages of Moving

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Stages of Moving

Because moving is such a momentous part of life, there are a wide variety of emotions that come along with it. Let’s be honest, most of the time moving gets a bad rap.

Many people just lump moving into the “sucks” category… but we’re here to dispel that theory. Sure, moving can be overwhelming and scary at times, but there are also a heck of a lot of good things that come along with moving. Lots of wonderful, HAPPY emotions.

So let’s take a look at the 9 emotional stages (both the good & the bad) of moving…

Step 1: Determined

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When you’re first starting to think about moving you’re often going in with a positive mindset. “You’re going to find a fantastic new place! You’re going to have the best apartment in town!At the start, most people are determined to find an amazing new place to call home.

Step 2: Excited

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Once you find that dream place to call home, you’re probably pretty darn excited! You call your friends, your family… heck you might even put it on Facebook… to tell everyone about the big decision you just made to move to a new place. Perhaps this step involves some bubbly and a cheers to your future in your new location.

Step 3: Overwhelmed

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You were determined to find your dream home, and you were so excited when you got it! But now, the real work begins. How are you going to move (moving options abound)? When are you going to move (here’s a hint)? Who is going to help you? How will you find the time to box up your entire life and get it over to your new place? This is the time when you’re probably pretty overwhelmed by this big life change.

Step 4: Anxious

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By now, you’ve gotten your ducks in a row and your moving day is drawing near. Your boxes are packed, the truck is rented, and you’ve already secured some help moving through HireAHelper. Even though things are shaping up for a successful move, you’re still incredibly anxious about the big day. Will the weather cooperate? Will the moving truck be big enough? Those few days leading up to your move will probably be filled with lots of anxiety.

Step 5: Bewildered

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It’s moving day and a million things are happening. You’re going through your move day checklist, loading up the truck, telling your helpers which items to carry, and you’re searching for your landlord to give him the keys to your old place. You’re go, go, going and you’re needed in a million places at once. Let’s just say moving day = the most thrilling day of your move adventure.

Step 6: Exhausted

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You got the keys to your new place, and all of your stuff is inside. There are boxes everywhere, and you can barely think about unpacking one box, let alone all of them! You’re exhausted and in need of a good night’s rest before you start to tackle the mountain of moving boxes.

Step 7: Hopeful

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You’re still unpacking, and getting to know your new place. As you glance around this unfamiliar home, you get excited about the possibilities for your life because you live here. That new balcony you have…perhaps it will be a great place to finally grow a garden. The neighbor next door… she could be your new best friend! You’re full of hope and excitement about what’s to come.

Step 8: Proud

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The boxes are gone, and you’re feeling more settled in your new place. The walls are painted a gorgeous new shade of beige, your wall art is hung, and you finished decorating your new master bedroom. Things are lookin’ good and you’re so proud of your home. This is a great time to celebrate your hard work with a housewarming party to show off your place to all of your family and friends!

Step 9: Comfortable

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You know the number of the local takeout place by heart. You know exactly when Mrs. Smith gets up for work, because you hear her start the shower every morning. You know exactly how long it takes for your hot water to kick in when you draw a bath at night.

Yep, you’re comfortable… you’re relaxed… welcome HOME!

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