A Good Honest Thank You

A Good Honest Thank You: Saying Thanks to Our Customers

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Saying ‘Thank You’ to our customers at the end of each job is, to put it simply, part of the job. And as such after a while it might sound like little more than us doing our job. “Thanks for your business. Thanks for the pizza. Thanks and good luck in your new home.” We are so used to it that it becomes mechanical.

So instead of our thank-you’s being just part of the job, why not make them something special? It’s simple but, like any worthwhile endeavor, takes a bit of effort.

On his Predictable Profits blog, CEO Charles Gaudet lays out three aspects of an effective and valuable expression of gratitude.

First, make your thank you unexpected. Gaudet uses the example of his own doctor who, a few years ago, called him (through his assistant) the day after his appointment to see how he was doing. This idea translates quite easily to our business. Some of you already make calls like this a couple of days or weeks after the job is done. And you likely have some great examples of those customers sounding extremely impressed. Down the road this can only pay dividends. So if you’re already doing this, great! Keep up the good karma. If not, make it a goal for 2016.

Second, that thank you must be meaningful – and not just in an ‘I mean it’ way. It takes nothing to say ‘Thank you.’ It takes something more to pair it with some gesture, some token of thanks. It won’t be over the top like the Disney example Gaudet offers, and it doesn’t have to be. It can be as simple as including a helpful piece of information on the customer’s new hometown that you ‘just happened’ (ahem) to come across (while googling events or positive news pieces regarding their new hometown). A few moments of creativity is all it takes.

Third, personalize your thank you. The example Gaudet offers is one we covered last month when we talked about sending out holiday greetings – namely, hand-writing a thank you and sticking it in the mail. Add a note about something that relates directly to the customer. Did you find a place for that huge desk? Or I hope you found a softball league to join. Simple. Personal. And therefore meaningful.

Again, if you are already incorporating these ideas into your post-move process, great! You’re leaving a nice trail of happy customers behind you. If you think your follow-up calls could use a little extra flavor, try adding one or more of these ingredients to spice things up.

Your customers will love it.


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