A Look Back at the Moving Industry Trends We Saw Develop Last Year

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MyMovingReviews has published their findings for all of last year. Here are our thoughts.

Their data are gathered via the 100,000+ moving quote requests they’ve received, along with their compilation of 22,000+ moving company reviews. They’ve come up with percentages and lists and rankings. And they’ve put it all into snazzy infographic form. You’ll definitely want to go over there and check it out.

A couple of interesting things to note:

  • They report a decrease in one-bedroom home moves, but an increase in both multi-bedroom homes as well as partial moves. We think that increase in partial moves is at least in part due to the growing popularity and availability of on-demand movers – guys with a pickup truck for hire online.
  • They see an increase in off-season moves and a corresponding drop in peak-season moves, at least in terms of percentages. This makes us wonder if the Baby Boomers, with their children all grown up and gone, have settled into retirement mode while the growing millennial class, whose moves are dictated by job offers and not summer vacation, are more scattered throughout the year.
  • Portland, OR ranks a mere 7th in terms of most popular cities for people to move to. In recent years Portland has kept a firm grip on the top spot according to the big van lines. So either Portland’s popularity is leveling off, or the demographic here isn’t all that interested in drinking craft beer in the rain. (Maybe they’d rather drink coffee in the Seattle rain.)

Now, does anyone want to take a stab as to why New York and New Jersey, perennial inbound-outbound losers according to the big van lines, didn’t make the top five here? Fascinating. 


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