Reminder: Never Dump Your Cargo in the Middle of a Sidewalk

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We don’t mean to dump on anyone here. But then again, one good dump deserves another.

Let’s take a look at this dump-and-run in Oakland from a couple of years ago.

From the story:

According to their motto, the LA-based Starving Students moving company puts their heart into every move. But last Saturday, workers driving a company van were caught on tape dumping furniture along Magnolia and 26th in Oakland. Where’s the heart, starving students?!?

Presumably, the movers were hired to take old furniture to the city dump and were given the requisite fees associated with tossing big garbage. Instead, they appeared to have kept the extra money and treated an Oakland sidewalk as a public landfill.

To be perfectly clear, this is the only such incident we know of by this company. There have been other dump-jobs in the neighborhood, as we see in the report, but who the dumpers are in those instances remains a mystery.

There is a silver lining to this cloud of couch-dumping: With security cameras in place, maybe more corners will be safe from the stuff-dumpers out there.


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