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A Slacker’s Last Minute Moving Checklist

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UPDATE (7/29/19): Our new last minute move checklist has been updated with more insights and graphics here.

There are dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of moving checklists out there, even some interactive moving lists, offering tips and reminders for those lucky souls that know 3 months ahead of time about their impending move. Most checklists are based on a timeline, with tips for what to do 10 weeks out, 2 months out, the week before, etc.

This is not one of those lists. This list is for the rest of us (dare I say, the slackers?). Those of us moving tomorrow, or maybe even today, after realizing that our lease is up next week, that the plumbing leak is bad enough to warrant moving out, or that the promotion you just accepted was contingent on you moving the family 800 miles away by next Tuesday.

Moving 101

Whatever the reason, from one slacker to another, here are my last minute moving tips:

  • FIRST – find some help. The hardest part of a last minute move is finding help. Big full service moving companies are usually pretty frustrated by last minute requests – some won’t even offer quotes for same-day or next-day requests. The better option is to find some small, local, independent moving labor companies, like those found on HireAHelper. These companies are eager for more loading and unloading jobs. Most moving labor crews are readily available to load up a customer’s rental truck within a few hours notice. Getting a quote, checking availability, and booking some loading help takes a few seconds on
  • SECOND – find a truck. Accoring to JD Power & Associates almost 1 out of 3 consumers that booked a move with a full service moving company in 2008 reported items lost or damaged. On the other hand, 93% of the customers that book moving labor through HireAHelper to get their rental truck or portable storage loaded or unloaded end up satisfied and 86% of those customers left their moving labor service a 5 star review (out of 5 stars).
  • Get rid of almost everything. I’m not talking about posting your favorite egg slicer to eBay for a 10 day auction. I’m talking about tossing the egg slicer in the trash (or even the “Craigslist free” section), along with anything else you won’t use within the first week of living in your new place and can’t possibly buy again in your new location. Moving last minute with 80% less stuff is 1,000% easier.
  • Throw an “Eating Party.” Invite your friends and neighbors over to eat anything and everything they can out of your fridge and pantry. It’s not worth trying to find enough ice chests and pack those last few Slim Jims, when I’m sure there are grocery stores where you’re moving to, right?

Last Minute Moving Tips


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