(Almost) FREE New Address Announcements

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According to us (very official), we are pretty sure society as a whole has this LOVE/HATE relationship with Pinterest going on. We LOVE Pinterest and all of the eye candy, inspiration and flawless beauty it oozes. If we’re putting it all out there, we’ll just say it- Pinterest is what dreams are made of and the magical place in the twenty-first century where fairytales are born.

But whoa, whoa, whoa… Pinterest isn’t always this glowing Utopia. As a society, we also love to HATE Pinterest because there are many things we just can’t LOVE, or quite frankly, even like about this gorgeous beast. We DON’T love the time it magically sucks out of our life without even trying, we don’t love how often we “pin” but never actually “do” and we sure as heck don’t love how lazy and uncreative it inadvertently makes us feel. I mean, seriously… rude!

Pinterest... The place to "pin" things I'll never "do"

In honor of society’s love/hate relationship with Pinterest, we thought we would give our fav HAH readers a Pinterest-inspired MOVING DIY project without making you actually go visit the gorgeous beast and allow it to rob you of anymore of your precious time. Goodness knows that we could all be using it to do 5,047 other things.

So enough wasting your time, let’s get to these almost free new address announcements that will cost you less than $5 to make (for all of your family & friends, less than $5 TOTAL plus the cost of postage) and about a 25 minutes… TOPS.

You will need:
  • Paint Samples (FREE, you can pick these up next time you’re at the hardware store!)
  • Sticker Labels
  • Printer/Ink
  • Some type of string, ribbon, twine, etc.



1. Print your new address on a sheet of stickers (most sticker packages come with specific instructions on how to download the sticker sheet template and print right on them… at home… for FREE).We Moved!

2. Stick one sticker on a paint swatch of your choice

3. (Optional): Hole punch a few samples together and tie them using your string.IMG_3095

4. Send your adorable DIY announcement to all of your family and friends so they have your new address (and can send you housewarming gifts ASAP).Moving Announcement

Easy enough, huh? The only thing that’d be better are free new address announcements. But all you really have to pay for are the stickers and string if you choose to tie a few paint samples together. We made these announcements to fit the paint colors in our home, but that doesn’t always have to be the case!

Oh and one more thing, if you get caught taking a fat stack of paint samples from your local hardware store… don’t tell them we sent you. Blame it on Pinterest. #forreal


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