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Appearing Legit With Your Credentials and Your Communication

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Instilling Confidence in Your Customers

Here at HireAHelper we go to great lengths to team up with credible (and incredible!) movers. Listing your credentials on your HaH profile – insured, registered and workman’s comp – is highly encouraged. Potential customers love to see that extra professional touch. Positive reviews are a virtual springboard to more business, and who better to promote your services than those who have already used them?

The moment we show up at our customer’s front door is also a crucial time. “Clean-cut… professional… in uniform… on time… a great and polite group of guys…” These are the things we want going through our customers’ heads as we walk through our first few minutes.

But what about the time in between your prospective customer’s first look at your profile and the moment they see you on their doorstep? The opportunities here are equally important in creating that great impression.

Much of it is common sense. A lot of you guys are probably already darn good at impressing your clients. Still, as the weather cools off competition for the few jobs that are out there heats up. So we figure now is a good time to re-sharpen those customer contact skills.

3 Ways to Impress Your Prospects

  1. Ask pertinent questions right off the bat over the phone, about logistics at both origin and destination. And take the time to be thorough! Your potential customer will see that you know what you are talking about. This in turn will compel your prospect to be forthright in explaining just what they need from you, cutting down on the possibility of surprises later on.
  2. Be up front on pricing – a natural extension of #1.  By inquiring about every detail of the move the customer will know that you are basing your estimate on their information. Not only is this professional and transparent, it quietly, subtly helps the customer share in the responsibility of arriving at an accurate estimate. Tip: Noting that you understand that sometimes things change, and asking your customer to let you know ahead of time of any such changes, further helps in both estimate accuracy and clear communication.
  3. Show them your credentials: your business license/registration number; your physical business address; your standing with the BBB. Show them how? Put it all in your e-mail signature. Because you do follow up with your prospects, right?

Of course this is all prelude. We need to follow up on our promises, both spoken and implied.

Unlike our hot dog selling friend here:


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