Atlas Flexes Their Service

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[Synopsis: Atlas promises quicker, easier moves with Atlas Flex®. But how does it actually work?]

Those who do not adapt shall perish, says conventional wisdom, and Atlas Van Lines appears to be heeding the call.

Recently Atlas introduced a program called Altas Flex®, an apparent hybrid of a typical full-service move and a zippy-quick mini-move for those who don’t need and can’t wait for a tractor trailer. According to their media announcement:

“While people are moving more often, they are also moving small loads. To accommodate these consumers, the company has launched Atlas Flex®, a new program offering consumers with smaller shipments (5,000 pounds or less) the same high-quality service Atlas Van Lines is known for with much faster transportation. Atlas Flex provides much more specific transit windows and can move someone in cross country in 12 business days or less during peak moving season.”

Great. How does it work?

“First, household goods are packed at the customer’s residence by an Atlas Agent crew and taken to the agent’s warehouse. Next, a carrier arrives and transports the containerized shipment to the destination Atlas Agency warehouse. Upon arrival at the destination warehouse, delivery is scheduled to residence.”

To us it sounded like a small full-service move with an ABF truck thrown in. But instead of rely on our own potentially inaccurate assessments we contacted Atlas for more specifics.

Finally, this is what they said,

“Your household goods (HHG) would be loaded loose into an Atlas truck at origin residence. From there it would be taken to the Atlas agent’s warehouse and loaded into wooden containers, referred to as lift vans. Once crated, a third-party transportation company would haul your HHG to an Atlas delivery agent. Once a delivery date is confirmed, an Atlas crew will deliver your items to the destination residence.”

Yup. Pretty much what we figured.

They also articulate that Flex is only available in a limited amount of markets and through participating agents. We might read this to mean test markets and trials through a few selected agencies, but the bottom line seems to be this: Atlas recognizes the need to adapt to a customer base that is becoming increasingly mobile, demanding and resourceful.

Of course, we saw that years ago.

UPDATE: After completing our look into Atlas’s new service we found out that Two Men & A Truck are initiating a similar service, involving a 3rd-party transportation provider. That press release can be found here.


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