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How to Avoid Holiday Moving Stress

Posted in: I'm Moving, Seasonal & Holidays

by Jenny Zhang, SpareFoot

If you find yourself in the unlucky situation of having to move during the holidays, I’m sorry. On top of buying presents, finishing end of the year responsibilities, and dealing with weird family gatherings, you now have to undergo the super stressful task of moving. Thankfully, one of the first steps you can take is to use an online self-storage finder to put extra furniture away. Here are some more tips on how to reduce holiday moving stress in advance.

Use Online Tools to Plan Ahead

It’s really quite easy nowadays to prepare for most of your moving online (changing utilities, cable, internet, etc), except for the actual move itself. Take advantage of sites and services like HireAHelper, which can save you a lot of time, stress, and money in the search for the right moving labor to load and unload your moving truck.

Keep Children and Pets Occupied

Don’t add stress to your moving day by having to manage your kids or pets as well. Plan ahead to keep them occupied either with a sitter or family member.

Use Your Move as a Tool for De-cluttering

Moving forces you to be realistic about your possessions: do you really want to keep that extra love-seat or wall clock? Since it’s the holiday season, take advantage of people looking for gifts, and consider selling the stuff you don’t want at a garage sale, online, or even donate to charity. You’ll have less to move, and your possessions will end up going to a good home. Alternatively, if you find that you cannot part with some of your belongings, you can always rent a self-storage unit for your stuff until you need it again.

Research Your New Home

Get to know your new location before you actually move. Research the stores, restaurants, and services around your area so that your first few days in the neighborhood will be as seamless as possible.


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