Being Number Smart During Your Move

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Number Barn - Be Number Smart During Your Move

It’s a smart phone world. Like most of us, you probably own and extensively use a smart phone. It is the access point that manages your calls, texts, email, business and social world. You take it everywhere you go. It holds your contacts, appointments, photos and has that addictive game you just love to play. And it’s not cheap. And it’s probably not the only smart phone in your home. So when moving why not save yourself the cost of another monthly bill and retain the rights to your old home phone number?

You Control Your Number

Local Number Portability: You are legally able to keep your phone number when you move or change phone companies.

Most consumers don’t know that the phone company doesn’t own your phone number. You OWN it. That’s right. It’s yours to keep. Under the FCC’s “local number portability” (LNP) rules, you are legally able to keep your phone number when you move or change phone companies.

You’ve had that number for years. It’s easy to remember and it flows off your tongue. Don’t give it up when circumstances change. The law allows you to transfer it to another phone, home phone, pre-paid cell phone, old business line or cell service.

Porting your number doesn’t mean you have to setup an expensive new phone service. There are services like that allow you to “park” your number at a very minimal monthly rate and save it indefinitely. When the time comes, you can activate your number and setup a more traditional phone service.

Want to Save $300+ a Year?

By switching your old landline phone number to a parking/forwarding service, you can lower your phone bill by as much as $300 a year! For as little as 25¢ a day.

Phone Number Parking Costs Chart

Practical solutions for everyday situations

Phone number management can be an inexpensive and no-risk answer. Find out below how you can save money, manage contacts and become number smart.

Protect Your Privacy

You use your phone number to communicate with friends, family, co-workers and even use it as a contact for services and businesses such as the local pharmacy. What happens when you cancel or switch that service and lose your number? Those calls, texts and personal contacts continue to reach that old phone number. And when that number is reissued, a new phone subscriber now has easy access that personal information.

Transfer that number, and you can “park it’ and safely store it until you are ready to reactivate it. Or if you wish to maintain active service, setup notifications that allow callers to leave you a voicemail that gets delivered to your email.

Moving Across Country

Moving across the country or going on temporary leave? Not sure when or where you’ll need service for that number? Don’t just cancel your phone service and lose your number. Or worse, pay your provider’s outrageous parking and activation fees. Park your old number and safely store it. You can easily transfer it out to any provider you wish after your move.

Business Startup

With most business startups, phone service is generally over looked. Setting up a new toll free number and incoming line can seem like a task for a more established business. This assignment and the overall cost of this new business line often outweighs the benefits and the solution is to use personal cell phones. But when the business grows and call volume increases, your cell number is the public-facing communications line. Do you give up your number and a get a new one for personal use, or get a new business number and give up your existing branding?

Acquire a toll free business line with simple setup, instant activation and low cost monthly service. Without breaking your budget, get a new toll free number for less than 25¢ a day and forward calls to your cell phone. That’s right, a business toll free number that simply forwards to your existing phone and can be transferred and upgraded at any time. A no risk option that keeps your costs down, can be modified, upgraded or canceled if needed and gives your business instant credibility.

Craigslist Seller

We’ve all been there: wanting to post something for sale online only to receive phone calls well after the item has been sold. If you have ever tried to sell something online, but didn’t want a flood of calls pouring into your home or mobile phone, you’re not alone. You’re trying to make some extra cash, not become an information hotline. Protect your privacy during and after the sales process.

You can meet your number need by acquiring a junk number. The number isn’t really junk, and it’s of tremendous value to you as it protects your safety and privacy. You can hand it out or post it online without any ramifications knowing that your personal number is protected from public view. To insure your privacy protection, you can also monitor it’s usage and even park the number or switch it to a notification plan to prevent annoying calls after the sale is over.

Online research shows that 62% of Craigslist ads have a phone number listed, and we’ve all heard the stories of Craigslist transactions gone bad. However, scams, harassment, and refund demands can all be prevented by being number smart with a new number that forwards to your cell phone. Most of the time things go smoothly, but there’s always a chance something could go wrong. So why take the chance? Don’t list your personal phone number, list a junk number.

Job Hunter

In this modern-era of mobility, people are constantly relocating, job-hunting and trying to settle into new settings. If you’ve recently picked up and moved, or looking to transition from one job to the next, you can help manage your job search without the harassing phone calls.

You can have a catch-all number for those job leads, so you don’t have to post your personal number around town. Stop giving out your number to strangers on your resume or handing out your cell number to head hunters that harass you well after you’ve landed the job-of-a-lifetime.

Job hunting and change is hard enough. Leave the harassing phone calls to someone else. You can monitor calls with a notify plan or protect your identity with call forwarding. You’re smart enough to find another job and follow your dreams. Now be number smart in your new job.

Canceling Old Phone Service

How many times have you wanted to cancel that unused home landline phone service? How much money is wasted every month to receive telemarketer calls during dinner? You already manage your contacts with your mobile phone, so that landline is slowly becoming a waste of money each month. Canceling instantly saves you at least $30/month, but what happens to your number? It goes back into the pool of available numbers your old provider gives out.

What happens to the legitimate calls you may receive? That’s right. In short time, that number you’ve owned for years is now going to a stranger. That stranger is now getting your calls too. What about all the friends, schools, services, programs and loyalty cards that you’ve signed up for over the past years! Do you want to lose your number and have to notify every person and organization that your number has changed?

Simply transferring your number before you cancel your existing service lets you keep your number. You have the option to:

  • Park your number and save it for activation later.
  • Send callers to voicemail and receive notifications.
  • Forward incoming calls to a new phone number.

Smart People, Smart Phones, Smart Numbers

Up until the advent of cell phones, smart phones, and mobile telecommunications, we associated numbers with lines and figured we needed a separate number for every type of call. That was still true even a few years ago, but now we’re smart people with smart phones and it’s time we had smart numbers.

Know Your Options

Do some shopping – compare rates and restrictions on what other companies will let you do in terms of parking, call forwarding and voicemail storage. Also make sure to ask about setup fees. Here are a few options to start comparing:

A guest post by Matthew Veling of NumberBarn

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