Changing Your Locks Is Way Easier Than You Think

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It’s true, changing your own locks is far easier than you may think! So many of us are quick to call the locksmith right when we move into a new place, but we are here to tell you that this is a job that you can definitely do yourself.

Whether you’re just moving in or looking to add a little curb appeal to your home with new hardware, we’ve got your back. Today we break down the process and provide as many tips as we can so that you can tackle this job all by yourself. And by not hiring someone to tackle this job, you can save some money and splurge on fancy hardware that will have your neighbors and guests really taking notice.

Step 1: Choose New Hardware

Depending on your situation, you can choose to change the locks only or the handles and the locks. The first thing you’re going to do is choose the hardware you want. You can look at local big box stores or find even more color and style options online. We advise you to really take notice of the exterior of your house, the style of your door and the overall vibe you’re striving for before choosing the hardware. Although this is small detail, it can really have a big impact.

Step 2: Remove Old Hardware

Removing the old hardware will require a screw driver and that’s about it. You will find two screws on the back of the lock or door knob that you can unscrew to loosen the hardware. Once the door knob is removed, you can unscrew the screws on the face plate of the latch assembly. The latch assembly is just a fancy word for the inside of the door. After you remove the screws all of the pieces will be super easy to take off of the door.

Rookie Tip: Take notice of what parts are where when you are removing the hardware. This set-up will probably be identical when you install the new doorknob, so having an idea of how the pieces fit together will be extremely helpful!

Step 3: Installing New Hardware

Once the lock and door knob are completely clear, it’s time for the fun part! Like we mentioned before, this project is not nearly as intimidating as it may seem. Every piece of hardware is unique so you should consult the specific directions for yours. However it will often be installed how the old stuff came apart.

You start by first adding the latch assembly. Then you will add the exterior doorknob and interior door knob at the same time, fitting them into each other on both sides like two puzzle pieces. Once the two handles are in, you are going to screw in the screws on the back of the door and you should be done!

Step 4: It’s seriously that easy! 

About 20 minutes later, you should have a new lock and door knob that is stylish and functional! Honestly, the hardest part from here is organizing all of the keys for all of this new hardware and making sure you can keep them all straight.

You can buy items at the hardware store that help color code your keys (more details in this post!) or for a budget-friendly option you can paint the tops with different colored nail polish so you can keep them straight.

Instead of waiting on the locksmith, we’re confident you can tackle this project in your new home. We promise it’s not nearly as hard as it seems and this project will help you add some serious style to your front door just in time for your housewarming party!


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