C’mon, You Should Love Your Home

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You know that feeling you get after a busy week when your house is a complete wreck and your home’s to-do list seems like it’s a mile long and growing by the minute? Trust us, you’re not alone. All homeowners have these moments. Heck, sometimes that vision of the “perfect” home seems like it will never come true – not clean enough, not updated enough, not trendy enough … we hear you, we’ve all been inside that dreaded comparison trap.

To be perfectly honest, I’d go as far as to say that the feeling of “my house is not good enough” is more common than the feeling of “I absolutely love my house and feel so grateful to call it home”. So let’s talk about that.

Perspective is Everything


It’s embarrassing to admit this so bluntly, but we are guilty of taking our homes for granted far more than we should. Homes are a lot of work and sometimes that hard work seems like it’s never-ending. Especially when you start comparing it’s current state to the amazing images all over Pinterest. But design doesn’t have to be competition.

The Challenge03-master-bedroom-bed-bench-augusta

Your home may not look like it belongs on Pinterest every day of the week, but guess what? Nobody’s does. And why should it? Homes are made to be lived in, and those messes, stains and imperfections are proof that you are doing exactly that.
With the holidays approaching and everyone’s schedules filling up, challenge yourself to try to love your home more this season. Stop focusing on that neverending to-do list, or that messy basement that you still haven’t cleaned up from your Halloween party. Start focusing on the amazing memories that you are making from every room of your house.
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No more thinking “my house isn’t good enough”. Let’s all start thinking, “Wow, I love this house and am so grateful to call it my home.”


Go back to that excitement from when you moved. Don’t look at the projects finished, but what you’ve shared inside of those walls. For us, the priceless memories they hold are pretty darn special. And if we can all focus on the amazing parts of our homes and less on what we can’t stand about them, well…. maybe that to-do list won’t seem as overwhelming as it sometimes seems.

Let’s Start Now!

To kick-off this challenge, we would love to hear what you love about your home. What is something that makes you proud about your place? What’s something you’re excited to come home to after a long day? And what would you miss most in this house if you moved? We are all ears!

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