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Confirmation Phone Call – February Pro Tip

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We all know the importance and the value of confirming with a customer the day before their scheduled move. On occasion, we’ll find out that the customer has postponed, or canceled or otherwise ‘talked to someone’ about not being ready to move. In other words, customers flake and customers forget.

Of course, we are not fallible. Confirmation calls are valuable tools for covering ourselves and making sure we are on the same page as our customers. Plus, not only is a day-before call a way to firm up our schedule, it is also a chance to get any pertinent last-minute information about the details of the move.

“Has anything changed since the last time we spoke?” is a good question to ask.

Often enough customers change their minds, about furniture that is staying or boxes that are now going. Or an extra stop that they have decided they need you to make. And, mistakenly or conveniently, they will forget to call and let you know.

Presenting them with this final opportunity to make changes to their move plan keeps you from walking into surprises and tells the customer you are on top of things – and expect the same from them.


  1. The Move Boss

    Confirmations call are a must. Follow-ups calls are equally essential to your reputation and overall client experience. Consider hiring a well spoken high school senior or graduate to lead your confirmation and follow up efforts.

  2. Kevin Kato


    Move Boss,

    Spot on. A post-move follow-up call is a valuable finishing touch. We like to give it a couple of days after the move before calling, to let the customer breathe a little. If there is a pressing matter to tend to, like something damaged or missing, being proactive and getting on it can make a difficult issue a little easier to manage. When do you like to make your follow-up calls?

    Keep up the ‘Smooth Moves’!

  3. The Move Boss


    I agree that the client needs time to breathe. However, when time permits, I or a staff member will give call the same day. Otherwise we give them approximately a week or email over a personalized follow up message. To stay on top of this, we either set calender and/or system reminders. This can become a challenge in the fray of peak season… but should never be marginalized.

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