Cozy Up! Making Your Home Feel Like Fall Is Finally Here

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We are big fans of the fall season…there’s just something about the crisp air, falling leaves and fall activities that gets us all giddy. Plus, how can we not mention PSL lattes?! Yes…this season is a good one!

To us, Fall is all about being COZY. Cozy sweaters, cozy blankets and a cozy atmosphere indoors. But how can you really make your home feel like the season has officially changed? We have five easy ways you can cozy up your home for Fall, and they’ll all add a special warmth to your place that we wouldn’t want to be without.

1. Go ahead, finally light all your candles


We are big candle fans, especially during the colder months. It’s so nice to come home from a long day, light a candle, and enjoy the flickering ambiance that the candle brings to your home. There are so many amazing Fall candles out there, and we adore the seasonal smells of this one and this one. <—gray flannel and pumpkin spice?! Yes.

2. Incorporate texture that you can really see


An easy way to add warmth is through texture. Swap out some of your couch pillows with knit or plaid ones. And definitely, don’t skimp on warm throw blankets. They can definitely up the cozy factor in your bedroom and living room!

3. Thin out your shelves: Keep it simple


Before the craziness of the holidays begins, we suggest paring down your home. Purge closets and get rid of unnecessary accessories! Keeping your decor simple is a great way to welcome the new season and start fresh for Fall.

4. Make it fragrant

If candles aren’t your thing (or you want to up your fragrance game), we suggest doing a stove top potpourri. We are big fans of this recipe from one of our favorite bloggers, Chris Loves Julia. It epitomizes the smells of Fall and brings plenty of coziness to your home, all weekend long!

5. Bring in live elements


Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside…and on the cheap! Cut some dried branches from your yard and display them in pretty vases around your home. Such an easy and inexpensive way to bring some of the Fall indoors.

Instead of sadly saying “bye-bye” to summer, make the most of the new season. Make your space cozy and comfy for those chilly months ahead. Soon, Fall just might be your new favorite season #TeamFall


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