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Creative Ways to Display Your TV So It’s Not an Eyesore

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When it comes to making decisions for our homes, we usually call the shots. Personally, our husbands don’t really care to choose the new coffee table, light fixture or throw pillow. However there is one area where our husbands are always ready to speak up about…electronics. They’re the ones researching the latest and greatest when it comes to home entertainment.

But one way we like to contribute is towards how to display these electronics, and most notably, our televisions. Luckily, they’re open to compromise and we’ve been able to keep our homes looking stylish when it comes to our TVs. Here are some creative ways to display the television in your home so it’s functional and fashionable!

The Built-In Shelving

Both of us installed built-in shelving into our family rooms to add storage, showcase home accessories and – surprise – display our televisions. It’s funny, because when designing these units, our husbands were both so concerned about the area we left in the middle. They wanted to make sure there was room for a “TV upgrade” in the future.

Well, besides for any potential upgrades, putting the television in the middle of a large built-in bookcase like this is a great idea to make it seamlessly fit with your home decor. This way, instead of the TV being all alone on the large wall, it is surrounded by lots of decor and storage. Plus, you can then hide your cords and boxes in the cabinets below for a clean and streamlined look.

A Gallery Wall

If built-in bookcases aren’t in your future, you can make your TV less of a “loner” by surrounding it with picture frames. This is a great way to show off your favorite pieces of art, photos and even 3D objects! The photo above shows an asymmetrical gallery wall with lots of personality. A gallery display wall takes up a lot of space, so it makes the entire TV area a focal point in the family room.

Or if you want something more streamlined, you can go with a symmetrical gallery wall. We love the idea of putting matching frames above and to the sides of the television for a calming, soothing look.

Mounted Above a Dresser

We really dig the look when you mount a TV above a dresser or console. But the worst thing you could do is mount the TV and then have lots of cords and wires hanging from it! Not a good look. Instead, we urge you to check out this tutorial for a cord-free wall and hidden wires. You can store lots of electronics and entertainment equipment in the furniture and the TV will look nice and clean hanging a foot or so above the large console. This is a great option for a bedroom, playroom or even a family room.

Hide it Behind the Art

Now this is a seriously creative way to hide your TV. Instead of camouflaging the TV (like in the ideas above) you can completely hide your TV whenever you want. The homeowner from Home Love Stories installed a pull-down map above her television set.

Then whenever she has company over, she can just pull the map down so it completely covers and hides the TV. What a genius idea! The living room looks put together and the art is the center of attention, instead of the TV. A great idea if you think a TV is an eyesore.

Try a Projector

This idea is for those of you who really hate the look of a big clunky TV, but you still want that at-home entertainment experience. You can swap your TV out for a roll-down projector. Elsie from A Beautiful Mess installed a projector in her built-ins that roll down with the click of a button! This is a great solution if you don’t have a great spot in your family room to actually install the TV. When the projector is rolled up, you cannot even tell it is there and the decor is what really shines!

So this Father’s Day if you know a certain someone who’s crazy about electronics, it’s a-okay to let them go crazy and upgrade to the television of his dreams! Now you’re armed with creative solutions to make the most of any potential eyesore.


  1. Daniel

    Hiding it behind a map is genius! Totally trying that with my next TV…

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