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Design a Room: How to Arrange Furniture Without Lots of Heavy Lifting

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Design a Room: How to Arrange FurnitureWe have a super quick tip today that makes SUCH a big impact when you are moving into a new place.

Although the HireAHelper team will be there with you to make sure you (or your friends) don’t have to do the heavy lifting during moving day, today’s super simple moving tip will make sure that wherever the HireAHelper Move Helpers place your furniture in the new place, it’s there to stay.

No one wants to hire help for a move just to find out they need to rearrange all the heavy furniture soon after. Plus, you hired help for a reason… let’s move that furniture in ONCE and be happy with the result. Here’s how to arrange furniture with minimal heavy lifting.

Furniture Layout Tools

Furniture Layout Tools - Masking Tape

The trick to knowing where your movers should set your furniture is quick and easy, however, it does require you to plan ahead… just a tad. Beyond the ability to plan ahead, the two secret furniture layout tools you need are:

  1. A roll of Painter’s Tape
  2. Dimensions of all of your large furniture items

Armed with these two supplies, all that’s left to do is visit your new place before moving day and use the painter’s tape on the floors (hardwood, tile or carpet all work) to map out the layout. The good news is that you will be able to visualize the space before the heavy lifting starts.

Design a Room

You can arrange, rearrange and make changes to the tape so that when moving day arrives your HireAHelper team will know exactly where to carefully place your furniture. And the best part, you won’t need to break your back or waste any precious time on moving day to rearrange these items. They are there to stay thanks to your pre-planning.
How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture
Once the furniture is in place, all you have to do is peel the painter’s tape up from the floor and sit back and relax! Because it’s painter’s tape and not any other type of tape, there won’t be any sticky residue leftover for you to clean (not even on carpet!).


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