DIY Corner: Housewarming Party Gift Basket With a Sentimental Twist

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We’ve all been invited to housewarming parties and I don’t know about you, but I often find myself running to the grocery store on my way to pick up a bottle of wine or fresh flowers for the new homeowners. No one ever wants to show up to a party empty-handed! Sure, those gifts are nice but why not step it up a notch? Take your gift-giving to the next level…

New-Home-Gift-BasketThis new home gift basket is filled with many essentials for the new homeowners. If they just moved in, then they probably haven’t yet purchased some of these items. I’m talking salt, olive oil, bread, wine…lots of kitchen staples! But that’s not the creative part about this basket. No siree, the creative part comes in the letter that you can tuck inside this basket of love.

A Sentimental Twist to the DIY Housewarming Party Gift Basket

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Download the Free Printable HERE

Each item in the basket contains a special meaning. The candle isn’t just a candle…instead it’s a symbol of always seeing the light in the darkest times. The honey isn’t just honey…instead it’s a reminder to always see the sweetness in life. Touching stuff, right? We think so (& we think the gift recipients will too!)

Basket-for-new-home-presentWith a trip to your local grocery store and maybe a local thrift store for a cheap basket, you can create this gift in no time.  Then just simply download the free printable, print it out on card stock, and put it in your gift basket. Boom. Done. Aren’t you the most thoughtful, over-the-top gift giver ever?


If you’re really ambitious, you can customize the letter and put anything in the basket that you think might add a little somethin’ somethin’. Perhaps a plant or some fresh herbs? Perhaps some local coffee beans so the new homeowners can always be energized and ready to take on the day? It is totally up to you! Get creative and spread the love at that upcoming housewarming party.


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