DIY Tips to Win the Super Bowl (Party)

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Okay, it’s confession time. We’re not the hugest football fans, and to be honest, we don’t typically watch a game until February. We’re more focused on the food, friends, commercials and half-time performance than the actual score.

But that just means we know how to throw a killer party. And there’s almost no bigger party than a Superbowl party! We’ve concocted some awesome DIY pro-tips to turn the inevitable get-together that you’re hosting (or going to!) into something memorable – no matter the score.

Superbowl Prep

1. Display YOUR team’s colors


If your favorite team makes it to the Superbowl, chances are you’ll have plenty of spirit wear to rock at your Superbowl party. But if you’re like us and our team didn’t make the finals (or even the playoffs…), just wearing your team’s colors is a fun way to get in the spirit. And this goes for all of the decorations, not just your outfit.

Start by picking napkins, balloons or party decor that matches the team’s colors to add some major emphasis to your party. It’s a great touch, and you’ll even save some money in the process.

2. Is it cold? Choose your menu carefullyNFL_Chicago_Bears_Homegating-35

We love creating a chili bar for our football parties, partly because it’s very COLD in Chicago during February, but also because it’s an easy crockpot recipe that allows guests to help themselves. (Smart, huh?) This eliminates a lot of pressure on the host and will free up their time to relax, socialize and enjoy the party!


…we also think this can work for the drinks! Having a bar cart set-up, or at least the bar set out on a counter, will encourage guests to help themselves!

3. Dress up the drinks (with the kids)


It’s super easy to dress up plastic cups just by adding some washi tape, or decorative and removable colored tape. Just by simply placing it on any throwaway cup, it’s transformed from ordinary to…


…extraordinary! We especially love this idea to get the kids involved because it’s so easy and they love having something to contribute!


You can even do this with water bottles! Kids can jazz them up with some decorative tape we bought at Michaels Craft Store, which makes regular water bottles look like referees! You can even try this with the beer bottles for the adults.


4. Make clean-up easy (and stylish)


We’re all about that easy clean-up. Instead of putting a regular table-cloth on your table, we bought a roll of craft paper to roll it on the table; You can even just use plain craft wrapping paper. To dress up this look, take a permanent marker and add some football plays. You can even add cheers for the team you’re rooting (or jeers for the ones you’re not).

It won’t just be a fan favorite touch. When your guests leave you can simply crumple it up and throw it away – no laundry required!

5. Have fun!


And last but very not least, it’s important to HAVE FUN and enjoy the game (or at least all of the festivities that come along with the game). Being surrounded by your family and friends, good food, and football, there truly is a little something for everyone at the party to enjoy!


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