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Economy: Are People Still Buying?

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Even though we are currently in an economic recession, people are still swiping those credit cards and signing those checks. Why? Because some things are just too good to pass up. For example, that top in the shop window you’ve always wanted finally goes on sale, mac offering a free itouch when you purchase a computer for school, or that great new rate on your dream home. Sometimes swiping that card and walking out with that new bag wrapped around your hand makes everything feel better.

Some people have even said this is the time to purchase things. The store windows are full of sale and clearance signs, just shouting for customers to come in. I have passed shops that never before had discounts and see the huge, red sale signs outside. And of course I walk in.

Work is being done for cheaper, so this is the time to get things done. I know people who just remodeled their kitchen. The only reason they chose to go through with this project was because they received a great price quote. If they had done it six months earlier, it would have cost them thousands more.

People are just watching what they are spending. But, what do people consider the necessities? According to, people are still buying luxury items like smart phones, new technology, personal care, movies and eating out. It makes people forget about the reality. With this new addition of the iphone 3GS, the current economic standing is not going to stop people from purchasing the newest items that go onto the market. It will be interesting to see the numbers.

This can still be the time to buy a new home! Prices all over the country are rising, falling, or staying the same. says buyers can take advantage of the prices and interest rates. It is a great time to buy a starter home or just for families looking to update into a new, bigger home.


There are several little things you can do to help spend less:

  • rent movies instead of going to the theaters
  • eat at home versus dining out
  • pack your lunch for work and make coffee at home

When will it be over? That is the question on everybody’s mind. I have talked to people that think we are close to coming out of this recession, but how can we really know? I just graduated from college so coming out into this economy was intimidating. People would tell me, “This is a bad time to graduate.” Not the advice I wanted to hear when entering into the real world, but all we can do is push forward. It has to end sometime, right?

Well, offers are still out there, give people the incentive to buy so keep an eye open to take advantage of the good ones.


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