Failing to Deliver? Time to Tweak Your Machine

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As the busy summer season winds down – whenever that may be – take a few moments to reflect on your performance. No doubt that overall you kicked some major moving butt and left a trail of happy customers in your wake. But were there also moments you wish you could have back? Are there things you wish you had done, or done differently, to effect a more positive result in the face of potential problems? If you are human, your answer is probably yes.

If you were in charge of this ongoing disaster of a moving service in Washington, DC, where a moving & storage company missed multiple deadlines to deliver dozens of students’ goods before school started, your answer would be a resounding, howling YES!!

We know and are quite proud of the fact that none of you have had a summer like these guys had. But how many of us have gotten through without a single hang-up or headache?

Sure, some outfits out there need some serious revamping. But we could probably all use a little tweaking.

So whatever your concern – giving more accurate estimates, reducing your claims, foreseeing logistical challenges earlier or just getting more customers to submit their glowing reviews of your work – take advantage of the (presumably) less hectic months ahead to strategize.

And let us know how we can help you reach your performance goals.


  1. KJenuis

    Quality over quantity are the truest words in the sphere that is Moving & Storage.

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