February HireAHelper News

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What are we doin over here? Turns out—a lot! Here’s the quick run-down:

  1. Exhibited at the PODS Conference
  2. Represented the other half of the moving industry at the AMSA Conference (and we won best booth!)
  3. The all new, one of a kind, HireAHelper Movers Academy launches March 6th
  4. Keepin the communication flowin—this newsletter + social media

1. PODS Conference

pods hireahelper booth

In our never ending effort to bring you more jobs, we flew out to sunny Florida for PODS’s annual franchisee conference. We try and keep these relationships strong and healthy to make sure you all are getting the most exposure to their customers, and ultimately the most jobs possible. We set up shop at our booth and spread the message about the awesome service you all provide. But we’re probably most proud of the video we made to show off how happy PODS customers are with your services. See for yourself:

So, what’d you think? Let us know in the comments below!

pods hireahelper booth 2

2. AMSA Conference

Check out our complete run down on what we learned, saw, and toppled while we were exhibiting at the AMSA conference. Plus, read about some of our marketing strategies that we think helped us win best booth!


3. The HireAHelper Movers Academy

Coming March 6th, 2014

This brand new, one of a kind section will be packed with small business advice, on the job training materials, and helpful resources that will get you started or get you to the next level in your business. We don’t want to give too much away, but here’s another sneak peak:

movers academy tease 1

movers academy tease 2

4. Communication & Community

Don’t be shy!

As we mentioned in the January newsletter, we’re making a big effort to keep up great communication with you all, the HireAHelper community. So, we’ve created three new avenues to share our knowledge, keep you up to date, and most importantly, hear from you, the HireAHelper community. There’s lots of ways to stay informed and get in touch:

  1. Movers Academy (coming March 6th) – all new, one of a kind, & plentiful…
  2. Movers Blog – there’s a surprising new section on the blog dedicated just for you with relevant posts…
  3. Monthly Newsletter – this is it! Feel free to strike up a conversation in the comments…
  4. Social Media – We’re all over it. Chat with us on Facebook, tweet at us on Twitter, or even act all professional with us LinkedIn…oh yeah, and Google+ (for those who know it exists)

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